The 11 Best Restaurants In Montreal You Probably Have Not Eaten At Yet

Fantastic spots you will fall in love with.
The 11 Best Restaurants In Montreal You Probably Have Not Eaten At Yet

True fact: Montreal's dining scene is, IMO, one of the best in the world. I just feel like we've got such a mosaic of cultures and talent and dedication in the city, and it really shines when it comes to our restaurants.

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With that being said, it's true that we have tons and tons of great places to go eat at. With so much choice, it's for sure difficult to decide on a place to go eat at, which means not everyone's been to some seriously awesome spots. But no worries if you're having this issue, friends. I got you.

1. Keste

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275 Avenue Fairmount O

Fans of authentic Italian pizza, rejoice. This Plateau Italian restaurant specializes in thin crust, extremely flavourful and authentic pizzas.


2. Code-Ambiance

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1874 Rue Notre-Dame O

This trendy, fun, gorgeous restaurant in Montreal's Griffintown is known for serving up some of the most magical dishes you'll ever taste, made with some of the highest quality ingredients around.


3. Tsak-Tsak

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280 Rue Beaubien E

Specializing in breakfast and brunch, this Rosemont eatery is pretty much every single food lover's dream. Protip: their foie gras eggs Benedict will bring real tears of happiness to your eyes.


4. Eduardo

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404 Avenue Duluth E

This Italian restaurant is kind of tucked away on Duluth; but trust, every pasta lover should absolutely get themselves there. The pasta is made fresh, the prices are incredibly reasonable, and they offer a few dishes (like their fried cheese appetizer) that you'll have a hard time finding as good anywhere else.

5. Cadet

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1431 Boul St-Laurent

A newer restaurant, Cadet focuses on bringing the quality and freshness in all of their dishes. The space itself is incredibly welcoming and contemporary, making it the perfect spot for a celebration, a date, or pretty much anything.


6. Hostaria

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236 Rue Saint-Zotique E

Located in Little Italy, Hostaria delivers one thing: seriously good food. The quality, portions, and taste of the dishes are unlike anything else - and the boot, the prices are incredibly fair.


7. Nozy

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3568 Rue Notre-Dame O

This incredibly trendy Japanese restaurant in St. Henri will absolutely make all of your foodie dreams come true. A cozy and adorable spot, the dishes here are fresh, unique, and straight-up delicious.


8. Alep

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199 Rue Jean-Talon E

A Syrian/Armenian restaurant near Montreal's Little Italy, Alep serves up tons of incredibly flavourful dishes that are spiced to absolute perfection. Protip? Get their beef tartare, and prepare to be amazed.


9. Restaurant Delhi

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6416 Rue St-Hubert

An Indian restaurant located on the Plaza St. Hubert, Restaurant Delhi will be sure to impress you with their delicious dishes, fresh ingredients, and straight-up awesomeness.


10. Stella Pizzeria

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1327 Avenue Laurier E

Thin crusts? Check. Fresh ingredients? Check. Tasty, amazing pizza that'll have you feeling like you're in some sort of pizzeria in literal Italy? Check. Yup, Stella Pizzeria really is that awesome.


11. Ballpark

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6660 Rue Clark

This Mile Ex eatery focuses on serving up pretty much any dish that's round. Although the experience itself is worth going for, their incredibly awesome dishes (like their juciy and tasty meatballs!) will absolutely hook you.


12. House Of Jazz

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2060 Rue Aylmer

Every jazz lover's dream, this eclectic spot features live music and a lunch and dinner menu with some seriously comforting, tasty options (like burgers, ribs, poutine, and BBQ chicken).


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