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The 11 Montreal Fashion Instagram Pages You Need To Follow For "Fall Looks" Inspiration

It should come as no surprise that we all flock to Instagram for our daily dose of laughs, knowledge, and of course, inspiration.

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Fall is a time for change, and therefore, the perfect time to get inspired by some Montrealers with fantastic style.

Montreal is home to so inspirational fashion bloggers, each with their own unique flavor and style. So whatever type of inspiration you're looking for, whether it's sophisticated work-wear or edgy and elevated street-wear looks – there is a Montreal IG girl who will help inspire your wardrobe.

Joelle Paquette // @veryjoelle

Joelle is a Montreal-based journalist and fashion consultant. Her Insta feed is ultra-curated but chic and full of fall fashion ideas. You should seriously consider following her if you're into vintage-inspired fashion and cafe crawling.

Tracy Valentine // @lilblackgxrl

Her outfits are fire and her style is constantly evolving. This Montreal girl loves to experiment. If you're looking for new outfit inspo for fall, you should definitely be following Montreal-based model Tracy Valentine. Her posts are refreshingly genuine and her looks are always on point.

Audrey Rivet // @audreyrivet

With almost 40K followers, Audrey is a bonafide IG influencer. Everything about this page screams "professional." It's impossible to gain an organic following like this unless you have good taste to begin with.

Sasha Mei // @sasha.mei

Cute outfit, after cute outfit, after cute outfit is what you will find on Sasha's IG page. Independent coffee shop hopping around Montreal and TO in the most perfect-fitting mom jeans that you can probably only pull off in your dreams. That's real IG and fall goals there.

Grece Ghanem // @greceghanem

Grece Ghanem is here to say fashion is for all ages. Possessing genuine swag and style is not a product of your age, it's something that you either have or not. Grece definitely has "it," and with now over 50K followers, she inspiration for us all.

Gabrielle Lacasse // @dentellefleurs

If you get excited by the idea of perfectly mixing modern shapes with feminine vintage pieces than Gabrielle's page is for you. Her style is delicate, playful, and always feminine, and she's got tons of fall inspiration waiting on her page.

Sarah Babineau // @kara_bino

I love Sarah Babineau's page because not only are her pictures beautiful, it helps me discover so many cute hidden gems around the city, and the up-and-coming brand's that I would have never heard of otherwise.

Elif Filyos // @thefashionmedley

High-waisted jeans, oversized vintage coats, topped off with accents of modern jewelry – Elif's Instagram page is a pleasure to scroll through for any girl who loves current trends and an elevated, edgy, yet minimal style.

Yasmina Jeddou // @yasminajdu

This Montreal-based marketing student has a seriously slick IG feed – photos are professional-level quality – making it an absolute pleasure to scroll through. But her carefree, playful, and feminine bohemian style is really the main attraction and is perfect for fall fashion inspiration.

Justine Brouillette // @justinebrouill

@justinebrouillembedded via

With over 20K followers this Quebec-native has reached influencer status. With flawless sun-kissed locks of gold, she promotes Canadian brands and puts together some really fun and playful looks, just like the super-cute fall one above.

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