The 12 Best Places To Celebrate Your Birthday In Montreal If You’re Not A Party Girl

Happy birthday to me.
The 12 Best Places To Celebrate Your Birthday In Montreal If You’re Not A Party Girl

YAY! My birthday is in less than a month away and every year I have the same struggle. I just don't know what to do. Most of my friends love to go to a bar and get wasted, but doing it is just not that fun after doing it a few times. On my birthday, I want to try something new and you probably want to also.

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If your birthday is just around the corner and you're not a big fan of parties, these activities will definitely take your birthday to a whole new level:

1. Go SkyDiving at Parachute Montreal

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On your birthday, Parachute Montreal gives you 20% off the regular price for the Ultimate Package, which is a really good deal. Skydiving is so much fun and Parachute Montreal will make sure you spend the most amazing day of your life. If your birthday is in October, you should book your first jump ASAP before they close for the rest of the year!


2. Eat your way to happiness at 3 Amigos

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At 3 Amigos you'll get a FREE sombrero! Isn't that fun? They also have really cool margaritas that will spice up your birthday.

3. Race your friends at Action500

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Paintball and karting. Who would say no? The coolest activity if you don't mind getting bruises all over your body.


4. Plan a movie marathon

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You probably already do it like all the time but when you'll do it on your birthday it is completely different: you'll be able to enjoy it to the fullest since you won't have to think about homework, tests, responsibilities... It's your day so you should treat yo'self and your friends.

5. Throw some balls at Quilles G Plus

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If you haven't had the chance to go bowling on your birthday when you were little, now is the chance to do it! Also, every Friday and Saturday, Quilles G Plus has this awesome thing called Cosmic Bowling.

6. Have fun in jail with your squad at Echappe-toi

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Ever wondered what it's like to be locked up? At Echappe-toi you and your friends need to find a way to escape from this place. If you don't, you won't be able to make it home and eat the cake that is waiting for you.


7. Spend the day at the spa

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This is how your birthday should be like: Relaxing, eating, having a great time.

8. Show off your skills at Laser Quest

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Spend the day tagging your friends while running for your life at Laser Quest.


9. Rent a cinema screen for you and your friends

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It's legit. Cineplex lets you rent a private auditorium for your birthday where you can play video games for two hours. It can be alone or with a bunch of friends.


10. Or go to the Dollar Cinema

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If you're too broke to rent a movie theater for yourself, there's another option: the Dollar Cinema. Regular Admission is only 2,50$ and everything else is 1$!!! You won't feel bad inviting your friend since it will cost them nothing to come celebrate your birthday.


11. Create the coolest cookies at Sweet Isabelle

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Birthday essentials: Sweets. At Sweet Isabelle, you'll find fresh baked cookies and cupcakes that you can decorate. You can also enjoy a coffee or a tea while decorating! It's the perfect birthday idea if you love food as much as I do.


11. Prepare for a classy night out at Mayfair

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Alright, even if you don't party, you might want to celebrate your special day hitting the town. Mayfair's the perfect spot for if you do; it combines class (they even have live jazz bands!), good drinks, and seriously good vibes, all to make sure you have the perfect day.


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