The 12 Cheapest European Islands You Need To Travel To Once In Your Life

You deserve the ultimate getaway.
The 12 Cheapest European Islands You Need To Travel To Once In Your Life

If you're like me, you're always thinking of the next travelling adventure you can escape on. At least twice a day I can be caught daydreaming about all the tropical places I want to travel to in (hopefully) the near future. But can you blame me? With unreal travel pictures posted on Instagram and Facebook daily, it's almost impossible to avoid.

The one thing that usually crushes all of our grand daydreams is the cost. Europe is super expensive, especially right now when the Canadian dollar isn't doing so hot. But these European Islands are surprisingly affordable! So start planning your travels right now!

1. Kos Island, Greece

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Cheapest Meal: $10.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $70/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.00

We all know that Greece is a dream destination. It's many islands are abundant with white, sandy beaches and the towns are filled wit Greek culture and amazing cuisines. Kos, Greece is no different. It is known for it's soft beaches surrounded with bright blue waters and the town is filled with Greek and Roman landmarks making this vacation not only relaxing, but also a cultural experience.

Visit Neratzia Castle, Tree of Hippocrates, and the Asclepeion temple to fully embrace this Greek getaway.

2. Mljet, Croatia

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Cheapest Meal: $8.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $62/night

Cheapest Beer: $2.00

Croatia is an beautiful vacation destination that just can't be missed when you're travelling to Europe. The water here is an amazingly bright blue and the forest are lush and green. You must take some time to explore Mjlet National Park while you're here, hike through the amazing forest, find some hidden waterfalls and swim in the two salt water lakes! Spend your days wandering around the town to find some cultural experiences as well as shopping in the abundant markets!

3. Lyngor Islands, Norway

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Cheapest Meal: $12.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $142/night

Cheapest Beer: $5.00

Norway is a slightly cheaper island destination than most right now but it is beautiful nonetheless. The island is completely car-free making it a quiet paradise from a bustling city life. The little houses on the island are simple and cute bring the roadless town together and creating a unique experience for tourists. Though, this island does not have any beaches, their seafront is all rocks but it is still comfortable for sunbathing and swimming!

4. Capri, Italy

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Cheapest Meal: $10.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $83/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.40

Don't we all just want to jet off to an Italian destination and drown ourselves in pasta, gelato, and breathtaking views? Well, if this is your dream than Capri Island is definitely the place you should go. It is best known for it's natural Blue Grotto, which is a cave on the island and when the sunlight streams in it causes the water to light up bright blue, like something out of movie! Also, you can indulge in high end shopping in designer stores, which are all over this island.

4. Isle Of Skye, Scotland

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Cheapest Meal: $8.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $100/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.34

The rugged landscapes of this unreal island connected to the mainland by a bridge, is one you definitely shouldn't miss on your next trip to Europe. Take a day trip to The Storr to hike through the amazing landscapes then visit the Dunvegan Castle to see some classic Scottish architecture. Stay in the town of Portree, which has many pubs and boutiques for tourists to explore!

5. Belle-Ile en Mer, France

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Cheapest Meal: $15.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $83/night

Cheapest Beer: $7.35

This island is an amazing French destination that you definitely won't be disappointed with. You must visit the town of Sauzon for the best views of the bright blue ocean waters, the cutest lighthouses and classic churches throughout the town. If you're looking for white sandy beaches, then you must go to Bangor next and spend your days relaxing by the water!

6. Milos Island, Greece

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Cheapest Meal: $10.50

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $57/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.50

Another unreal island destination in Greece, this one is actually super affordable for tourists right now! It is made up of many small towns filled with Greek culture. Visit Adamantas to see some gorgeous white and blue buildings, soak in some natural hot springs, and relax on the white sandy beaches! Next, go to Plaka for some hiking, more classic Greek architecture and a whole lot of relaxing beach days.

7. Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

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Cheapest Meal: $10.30

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $55/night

Cheapest Beer: $2.35

Tenerife is the largest of Spain's group of islands called the Canary Islands. The most amazing part of this island is the towering dormant volcano, Mount Teide, which tourists can enjoy hiking for some seriously unreal views of the whole island. There are numerous beaches on this island with all different colours of sand, whites, yellows and even black sands!

8. Fehmarn, Germany

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Cheapest Meal: $14.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $128/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.85

This amazing German island in the Baltic Sea. It is known for it's unreal kitesurfing beach, basically dedicated solely to this sport. If you're interested in trying this adrenaline-rushing activity, then this is definitely the spot to come, it's also fun to sit and watch as well! There's also an abundance of countryside fields and meadows for scenic morning walks. Enjoy your days relaxing on the sandy beaches all day every day!

9. Hiiumaa, Estonia

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Cheapest Meal: $8.80

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $75/night

Cheapest Beer: $1.85

Many people wouldn't think of Estonia while they're planning their next Europe trip, but it actually has so much to offer you definitely shouldn't miss it! The island of Hiiumaa is the second largest island in Estonia and is the perfect destination if you're looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation. Take a kayaking trip around the islets of Hiiumaa, explore the town and the lovely churches all over, and check out the gorgeous harbours and markets!

10. Inisheer, Aran Islands, Ireland

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Cheapest Meal: $12.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $70/night

Cheapest Beer: $5.50

Inisheer is one of the three islands that make up the Aran Islands in Ireland. This island is filled with ancient churches and castles that are now beautiful ruins. Take a walk over to Cill Ghobnait, which is a castle that lays in ruins now. Visit the ruins of the church Teampall Chaomhain Caomhan. The surrounding waters of this island are also home to many adorable dolphins, you can take a boat tour out into the waters where you can ride right next to the amazing creatures!

11. Cies Islands, Spain


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Cheapest Meal: $11.20

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $50/night

Cheapest Beer: $2.13

The Cies Islands in Spain are a small archipelago of islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. The most amazing beach on this island is Rodas Beach, which links the islands of Monteagudo and El Faro. Hike through Los Ninos Lake for some amazing bird watching, a pre-Roman settlement and breathtaking views from the top of the cliffs. Try snorkelling and scuba diving if you're looking for some aquatic sports to take part in!

12. Madeira Island, Portugal

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Cheapest Meal: $7.35

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $57/night

Cheapest Beer: $1.50

Madeira is a small archipelago of 4 small islands in Portugal. It's known for it's tropical climate, refreshing wines, and rugged cliffs and natural environments. Hike up Pico de Arieiro or hike up Cabo Girao, both featuring some amazing views at the top of the cliffs! Spend some time on the white sandy beaches, soaking up the sun and cooling of in the bright blue waters.

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