The 12 Cheapest Travel Destinations In North America For 2016

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The 12 Cheapest Travel Destinations In North America For 2016

It's summertime and we're all itching to get away, to escape our normal, everyday lives and take off to a faraway land. You might not have realized that there are some amazing travel destinations right here in North America! Canada and the United States have so many amazing places to offer you'll be surprised.

It's also important to find a realistic travel destination where you don't have to break the bank. Finding a place like that can take a lot of time and effort. But don't you worry, I've got you covered. 

Here's a list of the cheapest places you can travel in North America right now!

1. Jasper, Alberta

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Cheapes Accommodations: $45/night

Cheapest Flights from Montreal: $300

Jasper, Alberta is a beautiful place with so much to offer. Their main feature is Jasper National Park. Located in the Rockies, Jasper National Park has many towering mountains, forests and an abundance of wildlife to explore. In fact, 97% of Jasper National Park is protected wildlife, making it one Canadian destination you won't want to miss.

If you want to make your trip to Jasper cheap, book your flights in advance for the best deals, or make it a road trip and you'll eliminate the price of flights completely!

2. New York City

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Cheapest Accommodations: $28/night

Cheapest Flights from Montreal: $190

I think we all know how amazing New York City is. From crazy food trends to art and broadway shows, there's an incredible amount to see in this city. Bonus is that flights are super cheap there right now! Add cheap accommodations to that list and you've got yourself a perfect trip.

3. Washington, D.C.

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Cheapest Accommodations: $20/night

Cheapest Flights from Montreal: $189

As the capitol of the United States, D.C has some amazing things to offer. They have so many historical and famous tourist destinations such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian, and of course The White House. Travel to D.C to be immersed in the history of the United States for cheap!

4. Niagara Falls

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Cheapest Accommodations: $24/night

Cheapest Bus From Montreal: $70

This trip doesn't even require a flight from Montreal. Hop on a greyhound and you'll arrive at your beautiful destination for cheap. Take a ride on the Maiden of the Mist while you're here to get a close up view of these magnificent falls. Don't forget your rain poncho though!

5. Boston, Massachusetts

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Cheapest Accommodations: $39/night

Cheapest Flights From Montreal: $227

Boston is a gorgeous city with so many unique things to see. Being one of the oldest cities in the United States this city carries a whole lot of culture and history. Check out the Freedom Trail, the Boston Common, and the Boston Harbour while you're there!

6. Quebec City

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Cheapest Accommodations: $25/night

Cheapest Train From Montreal: $29

Probably the cheapest place to travel from Montreal since you're not actually leaving the province. But Quebec City still has so much culture to offer it's visitors. With cobblestone streets and towering, historical buildings you won't be disappointed with this destination. Take a stroll through Old Quebec or the Citadelle of Quebec while you're there!

7. Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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Cheapest Accommodations: $39/night

Cheapest Flights From Montreal: $201

If you're looking for a beach vacation then this is the one for you. The flights here are a bit more pricey than you might be hoping for but it is father to travel. Once you arrive though you're in for one relaxing vacation. You can chill on the beautiful beaches and soak up that Florida sun for as long as you want!

8. Chicago, Illinois

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Cheapest Accommodations: $56/night

Cheapest Flights From Montreal: $195

With cheap flights and cheap accommodations, Chicago is a prime destination. This city is filled to the brim with things to do and see. Take a walk through the downtown core and admire the unique architecture you won't see anywhere else in the world or visit their historic silver bean in Millenium Park.

They're also famous for their deep dish pizza, so don't miss out on a slice of that ooey gooey heaven on this trip!

9. Prince Edward Island

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Cheapest Accommodations: $45/night

Cheapest Flights From Montreal: $217

There is the option to fly to this destination or you can make this one a road trip as well for way less money. Prince Edward Island is a beautiful area of Canada that has so much to offer. See the classic PEI lighthouses, visit PEI National Park and try some of their insanely fresh lobster!

10. Phoenix, Arizona

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Cheapest Accommodations: $39/night

Cheapest Flights From Montreal: $233

A desert location in the United States where you can enjoy a relaxing vacation. The Valley of the Sun offers many cool things to see like the Desert Botanical Garden with crazy cactuses or go hiking in the desert!

11. Whistler, British Colombia

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Cheapest Accommodations: $35/night

Cheapest Flights From Montreal: $364

British Colombia has so much to offer tourists and Whistler is a super special area as well. With sprawling mountain views, hiking during the summer months and ski resorts during the winter months you'll never be bored here. Visit beautiful lakes like the Lost Lake for amazing views and spend some time relaxing in nature.

12. Seattle, Washington

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Cheapest Accommodations: $26/night

Cheapest Flights From Montreal: $275

Seattle has many amazing things to see and do. This city is hip and vibrant offering cool sights such as Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, or their giant ferris wheel on the waterfront.

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