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The 12 Montreal Bars Currently Competing To Be The Best In Canada

Help Montreal officially become the best bar-city in Canada.
The 12 Montreal Bars Currently Competing To Be The Best In Canada

Photo cred - Dominique Lafond

The time has come to name the greatest bar in all of Canada, and 12 Montreal establishments are in the running. The question is, will Montreal claim the title of city with the best bar in Canada, or will the honour go elsewhere?

Air Canada's in-flight magazine enRoute and Rickard's are holding this nation-wide contest, and created the bar list per province. 18 bars are on Quebec's list of competitors, a dozen of which are in Montreal. Below are the bars rep'ing the city, and you can vote for your favourite here.

  • 132 Bar Vintage
  • 5295 Parc Ave (The Emerald Hotel)
  • Big in Japan Bar
  • Burgundy Lion
  • La Champagnerie
  • Clébard
  • Datcha
  • Furco
  • Huis Clos
  • Le Mal Nécessaire
  • Miss Villeray
  • Philémon

The creators of this list claim to be "a national panel of barflies, cocktail connoisseurs, and dedicated drinkers," and while there are some solid bars on this list, it does seem to be a bit lacking. A Montreal microbrewery would have been a nice addition.

Regardless of which bars made the list, one of them needs to win, because we can't let the winner be in any other city. God forbid if a Toronto bar wins. Help out the city's rep and get voting.

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