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The 12 Most Beautiful Places To Camp At In Canada

Discover how great this country really is.
The 12 Most Beautiful Places To Camp At In Canada

Canada is a massive place, and nearly 40% of the country is covered in forest.

So it's a wonder why our forests don't get more attention.

After all, we brag about our lakes, we brag about our gardens, we even brag about the crazy and unusual places in Canada, but we never brag about the beauty of our forests.

And it's a shame really, because Canada has forests so spectacularly magical that you'd swear fairies live there.

Here are some of the prettiest ones we could find.

1. Quebec's Magical "Foresta Lumina" In The Coaticook Gorge

2. British Columbia's Golden Ears Provincial Park

Photo cred - SibsUK

3. British Columbia's Rainy Forest Near Vancouver

4. Ontario's "Fairy" Flower Bed Forest

5. Yukon Territory's Blooming Fireweed Field

6. Alberta's Majestic "Elbow Lake Park"

7. Alberta's Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Photo cred - BGSmith

8. North-West Territories' "Misty" Rainforest

9. British Columbia's "Giant Sequoias Forest" On Vancouver Island

10. British Columbia's Tex Lyon Trail In Port Hardy

11. Ontario's Muskoka Forests

Alberta's Breath Taking "Larch Valley"

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