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The 12 Restaurants In Montreal That Serve Grilled Cheese To Die For

These will make your heart melt!
The 12 Restaurants In Montreal That Serve Grilled Cheese To Die For

I am not too sure if you are all ready for this... I suggest making sure that you have a nice glass of water next to you because your mouth will literally be watering before, during, and after you read this! Montreal sure is known for their amazing poutines but let's be real... Their grilled cheeses are even better!

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The list below includes restaurants that serve TO DIE FOR grilled cheeses! Their crispy, crunchy bread and delicious melted gooey cheese is absolutely amazing. Let's be honest... Who doesn't love a grilled cheese on a cold winter day whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So, instead of stuffing up on poutines, get yourself a decadent classic, or gourmet, grilled cheese!

Laika is not your typical cafe. First, it turns into a night lounge and second it serves SPECTACULAR grilled cheeses. For $12 you can order grilled cheese de cheddar au porto, tapenade d’olives & noix. It may be their only grilled cheese option but it is honestly the only one they need since everyone loves it!

1. Get Cheesy At L’Gros Luxe

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Multiple Locations

If you like to choose from a variety of grilled cheeses, then L’Gros Luxe is the place for you! They four different types of grilled cheeses on their menu! They've got you covered on classic and crazy grilled cheeses. So, if you want a traditional grilled cheese or a grilled cheese stuffed with poutine, then this is the place for you!


2. Get Cheesy At MLT DWN

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837 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

If you are looking for the PERFECT restaurant that literally specializes in grilled cheeses then you MUST check out MLT DWN! Not only does their name say it all, but their grilled cheeses speak for themselves. You can choose from a variety of classic grilled cheeses or funky ones like their rainbow Pride grilled cheese!


3. Get Cheesy At Olive et Gourmando

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351 Rue Saint Paul O

When you happen to be rushing around Old Montreal and need a quick bite to eat, then make a pit-stop at Olive et Gourmando! Not only can you expect fast service, but you are also guaranteed a delightful grilled cheese. You can stuff it with some breakfast meats and much more!


4. Get Cheesy At Laïka

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5. Get Cheesy At Pullman

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3424 Avenue du Parc

You might not expect to order a grilled cheese at a wine and bar restaurant but hey, there's a first for everything! At Pullman you can order a traditional yet gourmet grilled cheese! For $8 you can order a port-steeped cheddar grilled cheese that will make you enter food heaven.


6. Get Cheesy At Chez Gargantua

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2009 Avenue de la Salle

If you can't make decisions then going to Chez Gargantua is going to be one hell of a roller coaster! They offer 8 different types of grilled cheese from classic to fungi and veggie! You can even get their BOSS grilled cheese that includes egg, cheddar, and asparagus.


7. Get Cheesy At La Belle et La Boeuf

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1620 Sainte Catherine O. + 3150 Grandes Tourelles + 510 Centropolis

Once again, with 8 different grilled cheeses on the menu, La Belle et La Boeuf is the place to be. You can order their lobster grilled cheese or their burger grilled cheese for an explosion in your mouth! Each of their grilled cheeses is honestly superb!


8. Get Cheesy At Pataterie Chez Philippe

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1877 Amherst

Since 1952, Pataterie Chez Philippe has been serving AMAZING grilled cheeses for only $2.40. If you ever happen to be in the Gay Village and are craving a classic grilled cheese then this is 100% the place for you! Not only get you get a simple grilled cheese, but you can also get a grilled cheese burger!


9. Get Cheesy At Le Depanneur Cafe

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206 Bernard O.

bohemian decor & live piano music, for breakfast & fine grilled cheeses.

This daytime cafe plays live piano music while you enjoy your fancy AF grilled cheese over some bohemian decor. Everyone loves their grilled cheeses that are served with a mini fruit bowl or salad! But what you have to try is their Debile Emmental. It comes with sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, cheese and ham.


10. Get Cheesy At Lapin Pressé

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1309 Laurier E.

This little cafe in the plateau has amazing coffee, but they have even better grilled cheese, earning them their title of “grillcheeserie”. Both the Gruyere and Onion and the Bacon and Cheddar are absolute must haves that will make your heart melt cheesy goodness!


11. Get Cheesy At Le Cheese Truck

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5976 Monkland

One of Montreal’s favorite food trucks, Le Cheese has perfected the grilled cheese dish. Their grilled cheeses are truly out of this world! Thankfully, Le Cheese opened a restaurant this past summer, so now you can get your cheese fill year round.


12. Get Cheesy At Station W

A photo posted by Marie-Ève Taillefer (@mevetaillefer) on

852 Rue Wellington, Verdun

This hip coffee house in Verdun has truly made their mark on the grilled cheese map! Their grilled cheeses may be simple but they sure are damn good!


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