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The 13 Year Old Montreal Sisters That Raised $40,000 For Charity

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The 13 Year Old Montreal Sisters That Raised $40,000 For Charity

Everyone (read: your mom) always says, that if you put your mind to something, you can do anything. Of course, your automatic response is always "yeah, please. Not in today's world" because you're realistic and jaded, like the rest of us.

But two Montreal sisters have proved the old adage to be true.

Barely over the age of thirteen, this dynamic sisterly duo has done more in their preteens than most do in a lifetime, having already founded a successful philanthropic organization that aids underprivileged children in a foreign nation.

The two sisters in question, Jane and Isabel, who are 12 and 13, respectively, created "Sparkes of Hope" in November 2013, a charity dedicated to helping Haitian children in the Dominican Republic by providing them with access to food and education.

In just two years, the sisters raised $40,000 to support Collège Amélioration Jeunesse, a school in the Dominican Republic that operates thanks to charitable donations. Jane and Isabel have even opened their own summer camp for students at the school, held for the past two summers.

How did the rather young Montrealers raise all of this money? Simply by knitting and selling dish cloths, recycling cans, and gaining sponsorship. A simple business model, yes, but one that has been incredibly effective.

Getting an email from the sisters, Montreal-based video collective Generation Y Not (you may remember them best as the guys who did the Berri-UQAM demonstration of love against ISIS) visited Jane and Isabel to chat with the sisters on their process, inspiration, and goals.

To see more of Generation Y Not's work, head to their Youtube page here.

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