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The 14 Best Montreal Croissants You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

Buttery goodness in every bite.
The 14 Best Montreal Croissants You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

Montreal is known for some pretty amazing things. We're home to things like the Habs, delicious poutines, our awesome nightlife scene and so much more!

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But we're also home to some killer bakeries. We embraced our French culture here and now there's tons of bakeries making all kinds of pastries from brioche to cakes to macarons to croissants! 

You can basically find delicious croissants around any corner in Montreal but there's some that blow all the others out of the water. If you're in any of these Montreal boroughs, you've got to try one of these awesome croissants.

Best Croissants In Le Plateau 🥐  😍

Best Croissants In Old Montreal 🥐  😍

Best Croissants In Saint Henri 🥐  😍

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Best Croissants In Le Plateau: 

1. Fous Desserts

via @mllegeri

809 Laurier Ave E

This cozy little bakery in the plateau is home to some amazing croissants. This shop is known for their high-end chocolate, but their pastries are also to die for. Pair a flaky almond croissant with a nice matcha latte or espresso!

2. Mamie Clafoutis 

via @mooria_casa

3660 St Denis St

This adorable French bakery makes probably the prettiest pastries in the city. It's the perfect place to stop in for a lazy Sunday morning breakfast while you enjoy a sweet croissant and a cozy cup of coffee!

3. Hof Kelsten 

via @margueritepreston

4524 St Laurent Blvd

This bakery makes classic Jewish fare and French baked goods that are perfect for any day of the week. They make some delicious foods like their shakshuka, schnitzel and of course perfectly airy croissants!

4. Boulangerie Guillaume 

via @sarahishirey

5134 St Laurent Blvd

This cute French bakery makes all their breads, pastries and desserts fresh in the mornings and they place them on racks behind the counter where customers can pick and choose their favourites! Not only is their bread incredibly fresh and delicious, their croissants are so sweet and yummy I guarantee you'll be coming back every weekend.

5. Boulangerie Mr Pinchot

via @eatsaraheat

4354 Brebeuf St

This cute little bakeshop is located just above Parc La Fontaine and is the perfect place to stop and grab a delicious croissant on the way to the park. Their almond croissants are some of the best in the city!

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Best Croissants In Old Montreal:

1. Maison Christian Faure

via @maisonchristianfaure

355 Place Royale

I can honestly say that this bakery in Old Montreal makes THE best croissants in the city (in my opinion of course). The best kind is a mix of almond and chocolate that makes the yummiest, sweetest croissant you've ever tried. They also make these croissants that are not only stuffed with chocolate, but the outside is wrapped with chocolate as well!

2. Olive & Gourmando 

via @eggywiththesauce

351 Saint-Paul St W

This bustling bakery has both an area to sit down and enjoy a nice breakfast or a place to grab a pastry to go! Their pastries are seriously delicious including their delicious almond and chocolate croissants.

3. Bar A Beurre 

via @sassyuqing

350 Notre-Dame St E

This cute little shop offers a huge variety of delicious baked goods and pastries to enjoy. The best thing is? You don't have to choose just one! For their high tea you can get a dainty platter of a wide selection of pastries from their rainbow butter balls, mini cupcakes, macarons, and of course, croissants!

4. The Mon Cafe

via @cskibs

376 Notre-Dame St W

This cute cafe makes a totally unique croissant that's actually bright red! It's a raspberry flavoured croissant and it looks seriously delicious. They also serve regular butter croissants, almond croissants and chocolate croissants.

5. Boulangerie Premiere Moissan

via @camillemarceldumoulin

895 Rue de la Gauchetière O

This adorable bakery offers a ton of amazing pastries and baked goods that you need to try if you're ever in this area of the city. They make a chocolate croissant exploding with chocolate, a raspberry croissant, super sweet almond croissants and so much more!

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Best Croissants In Saint Henri: 

1. Lili & Oli Cafe

via @dancingtechpreneur

2713 Notre-Dame St W

The croissants at this Saint Henri cafe pair perfectly with your morning coffee. You'll feel like you're enjoying breakfast in your own home because of how cozy and cute this place is!

2. Cafe Saint Henri

via @cafesainthenri

3632 Notre-Dame St W

This Saint Henri favourite is a must-visit the next time you're looking for a cute cafe. They have rows of old church pews to sit in and they make the most flaky, buttery croissants to go with your morning latte!

3. September Surf Cafe 

via @mtlbeanstalk

2471 Notre-Dame St W

This adorable cafe in Saint Henri is one of my favourite to come to any day of the week. The decor is so simplistic and cute you'll want to spend your entire day here. You can enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and a flaky croissant on the side!

4. Patisserie de Gascogne 

via @phillabbe41

4825 Sherbrooke St W

This adorable pastry shop is home to some delicious baked goods. They offer everything from cakes to tarts to eclairs to crispy croissants! Try either their butter croissant or their almond croissant for an amazing croissant experience.

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