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The 14 Cutest Dogs You Can Rescue In Quebec Right Now

You always say you will so here's your chance.

Honestly, Montreal is the city for dog lovers. We've got tons of dog parks, tons of dog lovers, and, on a little less happy note, tons of dogs looking for homes.

It's a sad reality that there are way too many dogs in shelters, organizations, or just otherwise without loving homes. But there are also lots of awesome people out there trying to help, like the fine folks behind the One Last Chance group, which has saved over 300 animal lives in the last three months.

According to their Facebook description, they're volunteers working with pounds and animal shelters in Montreal and its surroundings, trying to save as many doggie lives as possible. The following adorable pups are available only for rescue by approved organizations, but if you're interested in fostering any of these animals, feel free to join the Facebook group for more information.

Photo cred - One Last Chance (OLCART) - DOGS

Photo cred - One Last Chance (OLCART) - DOGS

And if you're interested in helping out their cause, check out their fundraiser taking place on August 13.

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