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The 15 Best Cafés In Montreal To Study This Semester

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The 15 Best Cafés In Montreal To Study This Semester

As summer in Montreal comes to a close, thousands of students are planning their return to the city.

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Universities will soon be flooded with bright young individuals looking to make their mark on the world.

Doing that will require some serious diligence.

To help out, we've compiled below the fifteen best cafés in Montreal to study this semester.

Good luck!

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Café Olympico

The famous Mile End café features a buzzing but elegant atmosphere perfect for a studious afternoon. Order some cannolis and lattes for a nice instagramable pic with your books and notes. There's also a location in the Old Port!

Location: 124 rue ST-Viateur O.

Café St-Henri

Café St-Henri has locations across the city, including Jean-Talon Market and Rue Notre-Dame in the south-west neighbourhood from which it takes its name. While each location offers a different vibe, you can expect quality service and specialty coffees at each.

Location: 3632 rue Notre-Dame O. (St-Henri), 260 place du marché du nord (Jean-Talon Market)

Café Code Noir

Code Noir's soul-warming beverages and sweet treats are ideal for often demoralizing school work. Their wide tables are definitely an appreciated bonus.

Location: 4095 blvd. Saint-Laurent

Crew Collective & Café

The famous café is located in a palatial former bank. Patrons can reserve comfortable private study rooms or sit in the open and enjoy the cavernous and architecturally stunning central hall.

Location: 360 rue St-Jacques


Dispatch opened a location on St-Laurent two years ago. Its minimalist decor provides a focused working environment. The café also occasionally hosts coffee-tasting events for real enthusiasts.

Location: 4021 blvd. Saint-Laurent

Café Névé

Once a single café on Rue Rachel, Café Névé has expanded with multiple locations across Montreal. Its original location, though, occupies a special place in the hearts of Montreal students. Definitely order one of the warm cookies.

Location: 152 rue Rachel E


Tommy is a cozy but vibrant café with two locations in the Old Port. Though the location on Rue Notre Dame in the old Britsh Empire Building with floor-to-cieling windows and Victorian details is particularly inviting. Its aesthetic environment will no doubt inspire creative genius as you bust out a term paper.

Location: 200 rue Notre Dame O


Parma offers not only an impressive assortment of caffeinated drinks but also hearty dishes like pizza and calzones. There's plenty to fuel those brain cells.

Location: 1202 rue Bishop

Café Imagine

At Café Imagine, visitors pay three dollars per hour for beverages, food, and use of the space. That's a pretty great deal! The café's open environment fosters collaboration.

Location: 16 rue Rachel E.


The famous café and restaurant on rue St-Urbain was founded to save its building from demolition. Today, students can enjoy its colourful garden, acclectic decor, and the best carrot cake in. the. world.

Location: 3990 rue Saint-Urbain

Café Myriade

Myriade has three locations but the one on St-Denis in the Plateau is perhaps most frequented by students. With a great variety of coffee, it's the go-to place for students looking for a caffeine buzz. It's also just really cute.

Location: 4627 rue Saint-Denis

Café Aunja

Aunja serves specializes in Persian tea and coffee (I highly recommend the Mint Jujube tea). The bright colours of the café stimulate productivity while the tranquil atmosphere promotes focus.

Location: 1448 rue Sherbrooke O.


The narrow café on Ave. du Parc is the perfect place to focus the mind. Its baked goods are particularly delicious. Always buzzing with activity, Pikolo has become a staple of the Montreal student experience.

Location: 3418 ave. du Parc

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Café St-Barths

St-Barths is extremely popular with McGill students and for good reason. Its booths are great for study dates while its huge windows let in tons of light. I once spent an afternoon cramming for a final here with only the café's amazing scones as company. I did quite well on that final. This place is charmed.

Location: 3500 ave. du Parc

Milton B

The 24-hour café caters to hard-working students. Its variety of surfaces and zones ensures that you'll find a space that suits your study habits and ideal environment. The amazing and hearty sandwiches at Milton B have fuelled many an all-nighter.

Location: 3498 ave. du Parc

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    Senior Editor
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