The 15 KM "Enchanted Forest" Skating Path You Must Go To This Winter In Quebec

A magical winter adventure.
The 15 KM "Enchanted Forest" Skating Path You Must Go To This Winter In Quebec

When you think about skating, you're probably thinking about ice rinks.

But ice rinks are boring. All you can really do is skate in a clockwise circle. And if you're really lucky, maybe someone will ring a bell and everyone will start skating counter clockwise. (So exciting!)

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Either that or you can venture into the center of the rink, but that's usually filled with some kids pushing chairs around for balance.

But why bother skating on a boring old rink when there's a much better option available to all you skating enthusiast.

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It's calledLe Domaine de la Foret Perdue, it is a 15 km long forest path that has been Zambonied and transformed into a long and winding skating trail/

And don't worry, because you won't be staring at trees the whole time.

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The path takes you along some cute little farms and animal pens nearby, and you can actually stop and feed the animals.

There are ducks, sheep, deer, rabbits and ... Ponies!

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In case you're not much of a skater, Le Domaine de la Foret Perdue also offers snowshoeing, hiking, bird watching and ice fishing.

Depending on the weather, the path is scheduled to be open this Saturday.

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Check out Le Domaine De La Foret Perdue‘s website for more info.

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