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The 15 Montreal Vegan Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP If You Haven't Already

Good for the eyes. Good for the belly. Good for the animals
The 15 Montreal Vegan Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP If You Haven't Already

When you're a #fatvegan like me and spend so much time drooling over pictures of food, you need to have a large number and a variety of source to get your inspiration from.

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Just like any other foodies, vegan foodies spend too much time taking pictures of their food, so you just have to follow one these 15 awesome people to find inspo for your next plant-based diner. Feel free to share you fav' vegan Montreal instagrammer if they are not featured on the list !

A photo posted by Caroline ? (@loounie) on


Caroline shares her love for beautiful minimalistic food pics, yoga in parks, MTL moments and the vegan life. She's basically goals.

A photo posted by marie michelle ? MTL (@mariemichelleec) on


Now a chef at the beautiful Antidote Comptoir Végane, Marie-Michelle bakes the most aesthetically beautiful and mouthwatering vegan cakes you've ever seen.

A photo posted by Odile - La végane d'à côté (@odilejp) on


Odile travels a lot to get the most delicious vegan foods ever made and takes amazing photos of it. She also ferments her own food. Seriously, how cool is that ?

A photo posted by Chic & végane? (@chic_et_vegane) on


Always at the newest vegan spot, the photograph shares pictures of delectable foods and cool places to discover.

A photo posted by alexe (@soyaetchocolat) on


With her minimalistic pictures, Alexe tempts us to spend entire days cooking vegan amazingness.

A photo posted by La végé d'à côté (@thaooh) on


I love Thao's lunch box ideas, which always remind that I plan poorly my days and always end up spending too much money on Aux Vivres sandwiches.

A photo posted by Sophie (@sophigramme) on


Sophie shares pictures of vegan comfort foods (cold days are coming guys !) and memorable MTL moments

A photo posted by Vert et fruité (@vertetfruite) on


Two friends, Marie-Noël and Ariane, share recipes and tips to eat vegan and gluten-free. Make sure to follow them so you never miss one of their blog posts.

A photo posted by Yulia?✨ (@l0vegan) on


With her flawless #motd's, Yulia raises the bar for cruelty-free makeup looks.

A photo posted by @pauvresveganes on


Two friends from Belgium and now living in Montreal share their experience as traveling vegans.

A photo posted by Lacrem Maitres Glaciers (@lacremmg) on


This new vegan ice cream brand posts daily about new places where to get their ice cream, new flavours to come or interesting ways to eat their amaziiiiing ice cream.

A photo posted by Guillaum G (@guillaumgibault) on


Comfort food enthusiast and a fellow #fatvegan, Guillaum shares his recipes and new places to find amazing vegan options.

A photo posted by Aryane (@valises_et_gourmandises) on


I am so jealous of this ever traveling girl ! She also takes the most gorgeous pictures of soups and breakfast bowl, which is an art in itself.

A photo posted by Elodie Navarro (@theflyingvegan) on


Elodie shares her life as a vegan, in a simple, genuine way.

A photo posted by Bob le Chef (@boblechef) on


He's not a vegan, but he often shares awesome vegetarian and vegan recipes to try out, so he has all my love and respect.

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