The 15 Most Incredible "Natural Attractions" In Quebec

They'll take your breath away.
The 15 Most Incredible "Natural Attractions" In Quebec

Quebec is a beautiful place and we're lucky enough to call it our home. This province is filled to the brim with quaint towns, cities with towering buildings, gorgeous national parks, and breathtaking natural attractions. 

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If you drive just 1 hour outside of Montreal you'll find flowing waterfalls, hidden caves and unbelievable rock formations! So if you've got some time to kill this summer why not explore all these amazing natural attractions that are right here in your own province? 

I promise you, you won't regret a minute of these adventures.

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1. Montmorency Falls

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 43 mins

Located just 12 km from the heart of Quebec City, these falls are literally magical. They're super tall and wide making them appear massive!

2. Sainte Ursule Falls 

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 31 mins

You'll have to take a stunning journey through a lush forest to get to these falls, located within Parc des Chutes Saint Ursule. There's so many other things to see on your hike as well, such as wetlands, animals, and the Maskinonge River!

3. Waber Falls 

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 16 mins

Waber Falls is hidden with the amazing Mauricie National Park and is totally worth the trip. Take a weekend and set up your tent here because there's so much to see. These falls will flow past you giving you the perfect spot for a photo op or swimming!

4. Vaureal Falls 

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Distance From Montreal: 10 hours 14 mins

Vaureal Falls are located on Anticosti Island, which is a pretty far drive from Montreal but totally worth it. This island is jam packed with natural wonders and this waterfall is included. The water take a straight plunge off the edge of the cliff giving amazing views!

5. Chutes De La Chaudiere 

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 22 mins

This area of Quebec has some amazing activities. You can go hiking, cycling, and walk over an expansive suspension bridge overlooking the falls!

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1. Lefleche Cave 

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 29 mins

These underground caves have tons of stalagmites and stalactites, and narrow passages to explore. The tour will take 2 hours and you'll get to see some amazing hidden wonders.

2. Lusk Caves 

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 49 mins

These caves fill with water in the bottom, so you'll be trekking through the flowing river below you deep underground. The series of tunnels that makes up Lusk Caves can take up to 4 hours to explore, so make sure you have some time to spare!

3. Grotte Le Trou Du Diable 

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 18 mins

This natural cave is one you should definitely explore once in your life. The tour will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes giving visitors an introduction into spelunking!

4. Cavern Saint-Leonard 

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Distance From Montreal: 33 mins

This cave is located right here in Montreal! Enjoy a tour of the city's own underground attraction that's completely natural and unique.

5. Bonnechere Caves

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Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 15 mins

This natural cave is located right on the Bonnechere River and offers visitors a unique experience into the underground spot. There's a flowing waterfall in the cave and the temperature will be cool even on a sweltering summer day.

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1. Percé Rock 

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Distance From Montreal: 10 hours 29 mins

If you haven't seen or heard of this iconic Quebec rock, then you're seriously missing out. This giant rock formation is located in the Gulf of the Sainte Lawrence. You can take boat tours out to see the rock up close and personal or you can admire it from the shore.

2. Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

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Distance From Montreal: 12 hours 45 mins

These limestone rocks almost look to amazing to be real. They make the scenery of this seashore breathtaking to visitors. There's tons of wildlife to see here as well like whales, sea lions, and puffins!

3. Gaspé Peninsula 

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Distance From Montreal: 10 hours 3 mins

The Gaspe Peninsula is along the shore of the Saint Lawrence river located right in Forillon National Park. This amazing park allows for visitors to camp, hike and explore everything it has to offer!

4. Les Iles de la Madeleine 

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Distance From Montreal: 18 hours 53 mins

These amazing islands are located off the coast of PEI but they actually belong to Quebec. They're filled with amazing rock formations and beaches allowing visitors to camp right on the sand! If you're up for a drive this summer, you definitely should add this place to your list.

5. Canyon Sainte Anne 

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Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 8 mins

This stunning gorge is located super close to Quebec city and should be on your list of natural attractions to see this summer. Take the trail across 3 suspension bridges, with views of the huge waterfall and lush forest!

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