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The 15 Worst Things About Finals At McGill University

It's enough to make you want to protest.
The 15 Worst Things About Finals At McGill University

Finals on their own are inherently awful. But finals at McGill? They're pretty much the worst. Dealing with piles and piles of notes is just the tip of the stress-iceberg, but luckily for us it's been scientifically proven (read: it hasn't) that complaining about your problems is the best way to deal with them. So, to help with that we've compiled a list of the 15 worst things about finals at McGill.

1. Trying to find a seat at the library could be an olympic sport

2. The fact that your friends at other schools always seem to be done way before you

3. Getting 600 last minute emails from people whose "computer crashed and lost all their notes"

4. The abhorrent lack of decent coffee options on campus

5. Having exams on the same day as OAP, forcing you to either miss it or sacrifice your study time

6. Just missing the "can't have 3 in 24 hours" rule by one time slot

7.  When you're right in the middle of figuring out a question and the invigilator slaps down the sign in sheet on your desk

8. Frantically searching through every bag that you own for your student ID right before your exam

9. And then having to wait at Service Point if you can't find it

10. The mad rush people make for the exam room door when it opens like it's a competition

11. Having one exam in multiple rooms all over campus, so the prof isn't actually there for half the time

12. Without fail the announcer is either way too loud or has an accent so thick that you can't understand a word they say, or both

13. Pee breaks are always horribly awkward

14. The fact that all of the cafs have stopped selling energy drinks

15. Having to put all of your stuff at the front of the room and worry about it getting taken the whole time

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