The $1500 Cash Montreal Job You Would Be Stupid To Pass Up

Photo cred - WeHeartIt

Well, another week has begun and it's time to face that cold Montreal morning. That is, if you're lucky enough to be employed. The good news for the rest of you is that your good friends at MtlBlog have found the perfect job for you! You may remember last week's job offer of 100$ a day to be a naked housekeeper, well this next job offer blows this one out of the water.

The best part is there's no experience necessary and first-timers are welcome. First timers? The job is for female superheroes to star in a web-based series, so we're guessing pretty much everyone is a first timer in that very specific field of work. The company says they're looking for a few ladies aged 18-30, the shoot pays 1500$ cash per session and you don't need to bring your own costume, one will be provided for you. (sounds fancy)

The web-series follows superheroines and their perils, they don't mention what these "perils" are but as you can imagine, it's probably not the typical perils Wonder Woman would encounter. Check out the full ad below:

Photo cred - Craigslist

(The ad has been removed)