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The 16 Worst Things About Finals At Concordia University

The worst time of the year.
The 16 Worst Things About Finals At Concordia University

If nightmares were real, they would be finals. I'm not even exaggerating on this one, guys. There's something inherently awful about your whole grade depending on how well you do at the end of the semester; there's something just straight-up horrifying about having to do, like, 5 papers while studying for 4 exams and balancing life and work at the same time.

Although finals at Concordia tend to go pretty smoothly, there are still a bunch of things that take it to a whole other level of terrible. You know, if that was even a possibility.

1. Having a final at Loyola... right after your exam at SGW

Hope that shuttle's not too packed! (Just joking, it totally is!)

2. Studying at the SGW campus becomes an impossibility

Also, good luck getting a seat at the Webster Library. It's open 24/7, so some people have been in their spot for literal days. #NoShowerLife.

3. And so does grabbing a coffee

Because every single Starbucks in the Concordia vicinity suddenly becomes filled to about 10% overcapacity.

Also, don't even try to go to the Tim Horton's. There are line-ups to the door, and people have been guarding their seats forever. (Trust, you're only getting my booth if you roll my cold, dead body out of it.)

4. Eating becomes a thousand times more appealing

Look, you can't study on an empty stomach. Is it really your fault if your stomach is always empty?

5. Downtown Montreal is actually a huge distraction

Sure, you could waste your time studying... Or you can get a taste of Montreal culture in real life and go strolling through Chinatown West.

6. And NDG is way too beautiful to ignore

Honestly, studying is great and all, but why pass up this golden opportunity to explore one of Montreal's most-loved suburbs?

7. That sprint between the H Building and JMSB

Got a back-to-back final? Cool, no problem, totally doable for you, you champ.

Oh, wait. Your first final's in H and your second is in JMSB?

LOL, good luck running between buildings and navigating through the hordes of fragile, lost-looking students. Might as well grab a coffee on the way and truly embrace your lateness.

8. You can kiss your money goodbye

Between buying that textbook you've been casually ignoring all semester, picking up all those coffees, and buying boxes of tissues to cry your final woes into, you'll be pulling out of finals season with a grand total of 0.57$. If you're lucky.

9. Navigating JMSB

If you're not used to the JMSB building, it can be super difficult to get around. Especially if your final is in the basement. (Or that floor just above the basement and below the first. What even is that?)

10. The bookstore's hours are always super weird

So good luck getting that calculator you need right before your 9AM Economics final!

11. Need to print something? No you don't

Not once you see the literal mosh pit of people in front of every single printer in every building.

It's chill, though. Just read your notes off your laptop, and pray that the eye damage won't be too severe.

12. Moodle is not your friend

Keep crashing right when I need to know where my final is going down, Moodle. Keep ruining lives. IT'S ALL GOOD.

13. Getting literally any auditorium in the H Building

Squeaky chairs that distract the entire class every time someone budges a half a centimetre? Oh, yeah, totally appropriate during a final.

14. The anxiety of leaving all your stuff at the front of the room

Haha, it's totally cool, not like I'm leaving my wallet, laptop, very expensive textbook, and whole life unattended in a room full of strangers.

15. When you meet your online classmates for the first time during your final

Even though you've never met IRL before this point, you all exchange a mutual, awkward, "we're totally screwed" expression.

16. Bathroom breaks? Oh, you mean a literal nightmare

Protip: Hold it in.

Or else feel the awkwardness as a random invigilator accompanies you to the bathroom.

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