The 17 Best Macaron Shops In Montreal You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

Satisfy your sweet tooth!
The 17 Best Macaron Shops In Montreal You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

Every once and a while you're craving something sweet. But not just a chocolate bar from the Dep down the street, you want something that's really going to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

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Something exploding with flavour that has a crunchy outer layer and a soft and creamy inner layer. Yup, I'm talking about macarons!! 

Everyone loves them because they come in hundreds of flavours, they look pretty and they taste even better! If you've been wondering where to find the best in the city, this list will definitely help you out.

Best Macarons In Le Plateau 😍

Best Macarons In Old Montreal 🤤

Best Macarons In Saint Henri 😋

Best Online Macarons Shops 👅

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Le Plateau: 

1. Boutique Point G

via @boutiquepointg

1266 Mont-Royal Ave E

Boutique G probably takes the prize for making the best macarons in all of Montreal. They have so many flavours it's almost impossible to decide but you can't go wrong with any of them honestly because they're all sooo delicious!!

I will honestly make the trek all the way from my apartment in Saint Henri to the Plateau just for these babies when the cravings kick in! (They're that good)

2. Marius Et Fanny

via @ana.capbatut

4439 St Denis St

This cute little bake shop offers a range of different pastries, baked goods and yummy desserts! One of their specialties is their macarons that come in flavours like blueberry, coffee, pistachio, lemon, praline, vanilla and more!

3. Patisserie Rhubarbe 

via @rhubarbe_mtl

1479 Laurier Ave E

If you haven't been to this adorable pastry shop in the Mile End yet, you definitely have to go because not only is it so cute inside their baked goods are AMAZING! You'll be addicted to their chewy yet melty macarons after just one bite!

4. Salon de The Chai Lounge

via @_mavik

3506 Park Ave

If you're looking for a place to hunker down and get some work done while enjoying a relaxing cup of tea and a plate of cute macarons, this is the spot for you. They offer all kinds of yummy macarons to munch on while you get some much-needed study time in.

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Old Montreal: 

1. Bar A Beurre 

via @barabeurre

350 Notre-Dame St E

Bar a Beurre has literally all the desserts you could ever want. They have everything from rainbow coloured butter balls to charcoal lattes to cute cake pops and everything in between! Their macarons are also amazing, they come in a rainbow of different colours and flavours that everyone will love.

2. Maison Christian Faure

via @musteatmore

355 Place Royale

This French pastry shop makes fancy French desserts, perfectly baked croissants and delicious macarons. Once you step inside you'll feel like you were transported directly to France where you're sitting and sipping a nice latte and enjoying a sweet macaron in front of the Eiffel tower, or in Montreal's case the giant ferris wheel.

3. Les Glaceurs 

via @danihuxley

453 St Sulpice St

Les Glaceurs is a little bake shop that is mostly known for their adorable cupcakes in all kinds of yummy flavours. But they also make a bunch of delicious macarons that shouldn't be overlooked!

4. M Cafe 

via @cindylsj

1458 Mountain St

Okay, yes this place is more in the downtown area than in Old Montreal, but it deserved a place on this list and I decided it should go here. M Cafe serves up delicious sandwiches, salads and rows and rows of multi-coloured macarons! Perfect for an after-work treat any day of the week.

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Saint Henri: 

1. Premiere Moisson 

via @premieremoisson

3025 St Ambroise St

Located in the Atwater market, past the rows of fresh fruit and veggie stands is this amazing little chocolate shop that serves seriously delicious macarons! This would have to be my second favourite spot for macarons because they have such a huge variety of flavours and each one of them has a unique and delicious flavour.

2. Petit Lapin 

via @mel_froufrou

342 Avenue Victoria

This cute spot actually makes all allergy-free baked goods that look and taste amazing! Their macarons are completely gluten free and vegan, which is so amazing. They make sure each and every macaron is soft and moist on the inside and light and crunchy on the outside with a creamy filling that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

3. Au Pain Dore

via @xdonnatran

1455 Peel St

The macarons at this place are sooo delicious you'll be coming back for more every single week. They make all kinds of delicious flavours, you've got to try them all!

4. Rosetta 

via @baristahelen

3631 Notre-Dame St W

This all-new pastry/pizza shop in Saint Henri offers some really unique things. They make pizzas fresh daily, all kinds of yummy pastries like croissants, amazing cakes, cannoli's and of course tons of amazing macarons!

5. Libertine Bakehouse 

via @aukarman

806 Atwater Ave

This adorable bake shop just opened up recently and they're offering some amazing pastries that will literally blow your mind! They make amazing desserts like their strawberry rhubarb danishes, and amazing macarons! Definitely a must-try if you're in the area.

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Online Shops:

1. Kiutopia 

via @kiutopia

Instagram-run bakeries are getting pretty huge right now, and this is one of the best in Montreal! They make all kinds of delicious macaron flavours like red velvet, strawberry cheesecake, Ube, marble macarons and so many more!


2. Cutie Pie Macarons 

via @cutiepiemacarons

This Instagram-run bakery is award-winning for her homemade macarons! She makes super cute unicorn macarons, matcha green tea macarons, Oreo cheescake macarons and so many more yummy flavours!


3. Yum Creations 

via @yum.creations

I wrote about this awesome Instagram-run bakery for her beautiful cake pops that were literally edible art a couple weeks ago. But this baker also makes tons of yummy macarons for order! They're perfect for any event.


4. Le Cake Studio

via @lecakestudio

Le Cake Studio has been killing it with their original ideas lately! They recently opened up a pop-up shop in downtown Montreal's Lululemon store making insane milkshakes and we can't wait to see what else they have in store. They make these adorable unicorn cakes, cake pops and macarons all available to order through their Instagram!


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