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The 18 Adorable New Cafés In Montreal You Need To Study At This Semester With Your Friends

You will have a 'brewtiful' time!
The 18 Adorable New Cafés In Montreal You Need To Study At This Semester With Your Friends

As yes, the time has come where herds of students join at cafes to study for the next big exam coming up. Well, instead of all invading the closest Starbucks, I suggest checking out these insanely cute AND NEW cafes located all across Montreal! Not only are these cafes absolutely adorable, but they are perfect for that study grind.

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So, get that coffee money ready because you will become addicted to these honestly amazing Montreal cafes! Maybe you'll actually enjoy studying... or maybe these cafes will just make it more bearable. Either way, you will be getting 100% on all those exams!

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1. Restaurant Mélisse

via @chatelaineqc

719 William St

This adorable newly opened cafe doesn't only act as a great study location, it is also a fabulous brunch spot for you and your BFFs to try! So, you can munch down and get on that study grind.


2. Café Le Falco

via @inayali

5605 Ave de Gaspé

Now, this cafe might not be completely new, but it sure is a hidden gem in Montreal that makes for the perfect quiet spot to read and study with you buddies!


3. Boxermans

via @mskelslevy

1041 Ave Van Horne

Not only is Boxermans a hip cafe, but it is also the perfect bistro that will supply you with some superb brain food to get through this semester from hell.


4. Le Club Espresso Bar

via @leclubespressobar

3801 St Denis St

Le Club Espresso Bar is three dimensional! It is a coffee shop, boutique, and even a bike repair shop. So, when you are in a hurry to study you can just bike on down with no worries.


5. Aloha Espresso Bar

via @alicemorrow83

15 de la Commune St W

Catch yourself studying in Old Montreal often? Well then, make Aloha Espresso Bar you new GO TO! Their espresso will keep you up all night until you are 514% prepared for your next exam.


6. Hvmans

via @sarahseeton

1455 Saint-Catherine St W

If you are at a downtown campus then HVMANS is the place to be. Everyone may think that it is old news, but it only opened 6 months ago and it is 514% study central!

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7. Café Chiado #28

via @cathdcliche

1404 Rue Beaubien E

This traditional yet artistic cafe will inspire you when you get that writers block on you latest 3000 word essay! The coffee will keep you pumping as you pull through before midnight.


8. La Finca Café & Bureau

via @dianecdotesblog

1067 Rue de Bleury

This is no new cafe, but I just had to put it on the list because it was new to me and ALL my friends! This stunning gem features huge, yet distracting, windows with great views and even a lounging area.


9. Chez l'Éditeur 

via @crema_app

7240 St Hubert St

This is 10000000% the place to be if you want to get some serious work done. They are open until 9 on weekdays and you can expect nothing less than an A+ experience and essay.


10. Bar Darling

via @a.mlzk

4328 St Laurent Blvd

Yes, all of your dreams have come true! You can now have Tequila at 1PM to start off your day and coffee at Midnight to keep you up for a LIT AF night ahead or to study your butts off. So, forget about those average places that just serve dinner and then transform into a bar and check out Bar Darling where you can enjoy all of life's wonder... Coffee and Alcohol. This Plateau cafe-bar is officially changing the game in Montreal!


11. Café Ferlucci

via @camelie.a

432 Rue de Castelnau E

Located right next to Jean-Talon metro is this hidden gem. It may appear simple, but their superb drinks will surprise you and probably assure you some salyin' grades.


12. Larry's

via @_sarahlamarche

9 Fairmount Ave E

Located in the heart of the Mile-End you can find Larry's! A half cafe/coctail bar that makes great for end of semester celebrations or study grinds.


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13. Cafellini X Artgang

via @victoriahuynhh

758 rue Beaubien est

The new Cafellini has just appeared and is blowing everyone's minds! Not only can you study, but you can also do a little shopping.


14. Humble Lion

via @mylamarque

904 Sherbrooke St W

The Humble Lion is a brand new cafe that will be full of McGill students since it is just steps away from the campus. You can study hard between classes and relax.


15. Hotel Ambrose

via @j.foodie

3422 Stanley St

WHAT! This cafe is also a hotel and honestly the decor and ambiance is just A1. If you just need to study and get away for a bit, why not book a night!


16. Café Imagine

via @cafeimaginemtl

16 Rue Rachel E

Cafe Imagine won't just have you imagining about great grades, it will help you deliver! Their chill ambiance is perfect for studying with you BFFs.


17. Monopole

via @inayali

782 Wellington St

Not only is this cafe pretty big, but they also have fabulous treats that pair great with their coffee. You can stay up and work all you want while enjoying their sweet vibes,


18. Kleine Shoppe

via @j.foodie

3027 Notre Dame West

Kleine Shoppe is a brand cafe (first opening in May 2017) in Montreal that also acts as a bakery with gluten free dessert and even some vegan options. They are located on 3027 Notre Dame West which is just minutes away from Lionel metro and study central!


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