The 18 Cheapest Travel Destinations In Europe For 2016

A backpacker's paradise.
The 18 Cheapest Travel Destinations In Europe For 2016

Europe is like the holy grail of backpacking destinations. It's almost a rite of passage once you finish school, to pack your bags and head off to Europe with a best friend or significant lover to have the time of your life.

It's yourchance to see the world and some of the most amazing architecture, partying and food you'll ever find. Since Europe is such a small continent all those magical countries are packed in together making it so easy to hop from one to another by train or bus!

The only downfall of backpacking Europe is that it can get a little pricey. So if you still want that once in a lifetime experience, but are looking to save your bucks as much as possible, these European cities are where you should go.

Travelling Europe isn't out of your reach anymore!

1. Kiev, Ukraine

When you visit the monastery, I would just get a ticket for the grounds and the Bell Tower & Cathedral! The rest of the fares are overpriced and the guided tour to visit the caves is missable, since you can get a glimpse of the experience on your own on the first 50m! Always plan ahead and cut avoidable costs! Efficient travelling is a must if you want to travel to every country in the world!

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Average Meal: $4.48

Average Accommodations: $8.50/night

Average Beer: $1.18

Kiev is a very historical city in Ukraine. Their main attraction is the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, a monastery which encompasses several gold-domed churches. It is included on the World Heritage list and is a must-see when you visit Ukraine.

Kiev also features many gorgeous buildings with ancient architecture. If you wish to learn more about the history visit the Golden Gate Museum.

2. Budapest, Hungary

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Average Meal: $5.28

Average Accommodations: $9.50/night

Average Beer: $1.50

Budapest is a very interesting city. It is split into two regions by the Chain Bridge, with the hilly area of Buda at the top and the flat area of Pest below. Budapest is also widely known for its amazing food culture. Try their traditional stuffed cabbage, hungarian soup or a range of delicious pasta dishes.

3. Bucharest, Romania

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Average Meal: $6.15

Average Accommodations: $12/night

Average Beer: $2.00

Bucharest is the gorgeous capital city of Romania. There's some amazing things to see while you're in this city like their magnificent Parliament building with 1,100 rooms or their Arcul de Triumf. It's also one of the cheapest locations in Europe right now, so don't worry about spending big bucks while you're there.

4. Naples, Italy

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Average Meal: $10.00

Average Accommodations: $20/night

Average Beer: $4.00

Naples is an amazing location to visit in Italy. From authentic pasta dishes to beautiful water-front views you won't be disappointed here. It's also home to the famous Mount Vesuvius, an active and constantly smoking volcano that tourists can climb!

5. Sofia, Bulgaria

Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) of surreal light on the #AlexanderNevskyCathedral in #SofiaBulgaria. Shot on assignment for @natgeotravel #NeoByzantine

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Average Meal: $5.50

Average Accommodations: $10/night

Average Beer: $1.50

This city is filled with historic monuments and churches that hold an amazing amount of culture and beauty. Visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or the Boyana Church while you're there. Walk around the streets and enjoy the never-ending amount of street art as well!

6. Prague, Czech Republic

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Average Meal: $4.50

Average Accommodations: $15/night

Average Beer: $1.50

Prague is known for it's historic culture. Their Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and many other colourful buildings and churches offer many places for tourists to explore while they're here. You can also catch some rare Pokemon too!

7. Belgrade, Serbia

-3 ? #BelgradeSerbia ❤

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Average Meal: $5.50

Average Accommodations: $11.50/night

Average Beer: $1.75

Belgrade, Serbia has so much to offer. Whether you enjoy exploring beautiful architectural buildings, such as the Belgrade Fortress, enjoy strolling through parks on a relaxing afternoon, or spending your days in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants, there's something for everyone to enjoy here!

8. Zagreb, Croatia

Greenland? #Croatia | ? by: @oldkyrenian

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Average Meal: $6.50

Average Accommodations: $15/night

Average Beer: $2.20

There's so many beautiful things to see in Croatia, plus it's also one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe right now. It's filled with unreal national parks and gorgeous beaches. The city of Zagreb is no different. With amazing cathedrals, lakes and museums to visit, this city contains all the culture you could ever want on your trip.

9. Lisbon, Portugal

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Average Meal: $8.20

Average Accommodations: $16/night

Average Beer: $2.20

Lisbon is packed with fun activities! Take a tram and explore the city streets, visit one of their beautiful beaches for a relaxing afternoon, or visit some of the crazy castles and monuments! Oh, and don't forget to try an authentic Pastel de Nata (Portuguese egg tart) while you're there.

10. Krakow, Poland

One more week and 9 of us will be on the other side of the world ?? #KrakowPoland

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Average Meal: $4.50

Average Accommodations: $12/night

Average Beer: $1.75

Krakow, Poland is known for it's preserved medieval core and their Jewish quarter. Visit some amazing castles like the Wawel Castle or see the unbelievable underground chapels and lakes of the Wieliczka Salt Mines!

11. Sarajevo, Bosnia


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Average Meal: $3.95

Average Accommodations: $10/night

Average Beer: $1.70

The core of Sarajevo, Bosnia is filled with history and monuments representing their previous struggles. They have monuments representing the 1914 assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which began World War 1, and a monument representing the 1984 Winter Olympics. You can visit their magical springs and rivers as well.

12. Santorini, Greece

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Average Meal: $16

Average Accommodations: $15/night

Average Beer: $3.80

Okay, there's no European location better than Greece. With the classic white houses built into the hills with a background of bright blue water, it's an unbelievably magical destination. Greece is a bit more expansive than the average European country but Santorini is actually cheaper than most. Relax on their unlimited beaches, soak in hot springs, or go on an adventurous volcano hike!

This will be one trip you most definitely won't forget.

13. Madrid, Spain

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Average Meal: $11.00

Average Accommodations: $15/night

Average Beer: $3.29

Madrid is one of the most beautiful and elegant cities in Europe. You can stroll down their classic boulevards, walk through their manicured parks, or stroll through the halls of their magical art museums. Visit the beautiful Plaza de Cibles, pictured above!

14. Berlin, Germany


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Average Meal: $8.75

Average Accommodations: $15/night

Average Beer: $3.29

Berlin is an amazing city to explore, and there's many ways to enjoy it for cheap too. Take a trip up Reichstag dome for a fantastic, panorama view. Or tour the art house for only €7 and see an amazing collection of graffiti. You can also visit the Berliner Dom pictured above!

15. Nice, France

The events that occurred in the beautiful city of Nice, France yesterday have become all too regular on our planet. For today’s post I’d like to share the words of a friend that I came across this morning: "Each morning I brace myself before I turn my phone on. I find that I need to ready myself before the news alerts start peppering my phone with the tragedies we've inflicted on each other and the world in the past eight hours /// I know many of you are also coping with this daily. I know many of you are consciously choosing to remain loving and courageous in the face of these horrors. It's not easy. I know because I feel the emotional weight of it too. /// Thank you for charging on and doing the best you can every day while carrying your grieving and embattled hearts. It takes something not to give up and not to shut down. Please know that you are not alone in this. We will figure this out. I believe in us." /// May everyone have a safe and happy weekend, wherever you are in the world. /// Words by @ialhusseini, source imagery from @digitalglobe

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Average Meal: $16.00

Average Accommodations: $20/night

Average Beer: $6.00

Nice is a gorgeous city in France, that's an undeniable fact. Explore the amazing beaches in and around this city for some sun-tanning time or have some wine on a terrasse with a view of the French Riviera! They also have some amazing museums and cathedrals to explore.

16. Florence, Italy

Every step is a dream ?

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Average Meal: $16.00

Average Accommodations: $22.50

Average Beer: $3.85

Florence is probably my favourite city in Italy from when I traveled there. It has beautiful cathedrals such as the Florence Cathedral pictured above or the Basilica of Santa Croce. They also have an amazing leather market where you can buy leather purses, wallets, shoes, and belts! Don't forget to check out the Ponte Vecchio, which is a medieval stone bridge filled with art galleries you can walk through.

17. Dublin, Ireland

From Dover to Dwejra, there's no shortage of stunning coastlines to discover before you die. The Cliffs of Moher on Ireland's west coast definitely stand amongst our top 10, and they're only a few hours drive away from Dublin. Search 'CityXplora Moher Shuttle' ? to book. #CliffsOfMoher #CountyClare #WestIreland #Coastline #Sunset #Ireland #Eire #VisitIreland #DublinIreland #Ireland_gram #Loves_Ireland #Irelandadventure #Sightseeing

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Average Meal: $16.00

Average Accommodations: $15/night

Average Beer: $5.50

Dublin is a super cool city which features a perfect mix of nature and city life to experience while you're there. Visit the Cliffs of Moher for some amazing views or go to the guinness storehouse where they first created the famous beer. The nightlife is very impressive here, which is perfect for young travellers and Irish people are some of the nicest you'll ever meet!

18. Vienna, Austria

Vienna 101 ✔️

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Average Meal: $10.95

Average Accommodations: $14/night

Average Beer: $3.85

Known for it's artistic and musical history, being home to Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud, this city is something special indeed. Check out their palaces, like Schönbrunn Palace or visit Prater, their public park with a giant ferris wheel. There's some amazing culture to absorb in this city and you definitely won't want to miss out.

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