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The 18 Cheapest Travel Destinations In Europe For 2018

Explore churches, fortresses, castles and more!
The 18 Cheapest Travel Destinations In Europe For 2018

Travel is one of the best experiences in the world. Although I love my friends, family and job back home sometimes it's great to escape everything that you're used to and experience something totally new and foreign to you.

It's amazing when you're able to immerse yourself into a new culture and lifestyle across the world without the daily struggles of your everyday life dragging you down. Traveling just lifts that weight right off of your shoulders.

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Traveling really is amazing, but what's not so amazing is how much it costs. That's always the thing that holds people back from booking that flight to your dream destination. But at these destination, you can actually travel to Europe for cheap! 

Don't believe me, take a look for yourself!

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18. Santorini, Greece

via @kathryn_perkins_

Cheapest Meal: $16

Cheapest Beer: $5.50

Santorini is definitely not the cheapest destination on this list but it sure is one of the most beautiful. You can try to make this location more cheap by staying in hostels or affordable 3-star hotels and avoiding the 5-star restaurants.

Once you book this vacation you won't regret it because it's drop-dead gorgeous there. The water is bright blue, contrasted with the white buildings with deep blue rooftops, it's something you should definitely see once in your life.

17. Saint Petersburg, Russia 

via @artec75

Cheapest Meal: $10

Cheapest Beer: $2

Saint Petersburg is a beautiful bustling city that you should definitely visit once in your life. Not only is it pretty cheap for tourists, it also has amazing sights within the city.

Visit the gorgeous Winter Palace, the Peter and Paul Fortress or the Peterhof Grand Palace and Gardens!

16. Split, Croatia 

via @vincentbanic

Cheapest Meal: $12

Cheapest Beer: $3.63

Split, Croatia is a beautiful place to visit. Maybe you wished you could go to Santorini but just can't afford it, so pick a slightly cheaper alternative and come to Croatia!

You'll find amazing beaches here like Brac beach pictured above, Hvar a bustling port town, and the Diocletian's Palace built in 4th century AD for the Roman Emperor!

15. Prague, Czech Republic

via @jen.22.miao

Cheapest Meal: $7.50

Cheapest Beer: $2

Prague is an amazing destination and seems to be becoming a cheaper destination for tourists each year. There's some beautiful things to see in this city like the famous Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, and the Astronomical Clock!

14. Istanbul, Turkey 

via @gulbahartorun

Cheapest Meal: $7

Cheapest Beer: $3.90

Istanbul is a beautiful city filled with culture and history that's well worth a visit. This city lies right on the border between Europe and Asia making it a totally unique place to visit than the rest of Europe.

Visit the stunning Saltan Ahmed Mosque, the iconic Byzantine Hagia Sophia, and the Grand Bazaar for amazing shopping finds.

13. Vilnius, Lithuania 

via @mimiburgan

Cheapest Meal: $10.45

Cheapest Beer: $3

Vilnius is Lithuania's capital city and it's full of amazing sights. You should definitely visit their Old Town, which is crawling with medieval buildings with unique architecture.

Visit the Church of St. Anne, the Gates of Dawn chapel, and the Vilnius Cathedral!

12. Bratislava, Slovakia 

via @jsandbladh

Cheapest Meal: $7.45

Cheapest Beer: $2.25

This beautiful, river-side city is 100% a must-visit. You may not think of Slovakia as a huge tourist hub but it definitely is. They have some amazing sights like the stunning Bratislava Castle, the Church of St. Elisabeth, and the Devin Castle!

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11. Riga, Latvia 

via @budzynskam

Cheapest Meal: $8.95

Cheapest Beer: $2.65

This amazing city is located right on the coast of the Baltic Sea, giving the air a salty taste all year round. This city is known for their abundant culture through the many museums, wooden buildings, concert halls, and Old Town filled with shops, restaurants and nightlife.

10. Zagreb, Croatia 

via @miljpr

Cheapest Meal: $9

Cheapest Beer: $3

This amazing Croatian city is split into two main sections, Upper Town and Lower Town. Upper Town is filled with 18th century architecture like the Zagreb Cathedral and St. Mark's Church. Lower Town is filled with the main square, shopping, outdoor cafes, museums and parks!

9. Warsaw, Poland

via @vyrstaa

Cheapest Meal: $8.78

Cheapest Beer: $2.80

The architecture in this European city is all beautifully different making it super unique to explore. Explore the city's Old Town, Palace of Culture and Science, Royal Castle, and all the beautiful city parks!

8. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

via @golden_heart

Cheapest Meal: $5.75

Cheapest Beer: $1.75

This stunning town almost looks fake it's so picturesque. It's filled with old buildings all placed along the river and you get views from above! The city is filled with cobblestone streets, medieval houses and towering castles to explore.

7. Kiev, Ukraine 

via @alexmallo

Cheapest Meal: $5.80

Cheapest Beer: $0.85

The widely historic city of Kiev, is filled to the brim with amazing things to do and see for tourists. You should absolutely see Saint Sophia's Cathedral, the Golden Gate and the Kiev Pechersk Lavra!

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6. Sarajevo, Bosnia 

via @amyuyma

Cheapest Meal: $5.35

Cheapest Beer: $2.30

Sarajevo is so beautiful it will literally take your breath away. You may be feeling a little tired of a list full of cathedrals and old towns to explore but each city is so unique and this one is no different.

You must see the "Tunnel of Life", the Yellow Fort, "Sniper Alley", and their gorgeous Old Town.

5. Budapest, Hungary

via @christinatsangaris

Cheapest Meal: $7.35

Cheapest Beer: $1.95

This town is famously split in two with Buda district being the hilly part of the city and Pest being the flat part. Try the famous outdoor baths, visit Buda Castle, and walk across the Chain Bridge!

4. Belgrade, Serbia 

via @kristijanel_

Cheapest Meal: $8

Cheapest Beer: $2.25

This city is filled with expansive fortresses and tons of hidden culture. You must visit the Church of Saint Sava, the Belgrade Fortress, the Nikola Tesla Museum and Knez Mihailova Street for shopping to get a full experience of the city's best features.

3. Bucharest, Romania

via @yara_aassem

Cheapest Meal: $8

Cheapest Beer: $2.25

This cultural town has a surprisingly great nightlife in their historic Lipscani district. You should also visit the Arcul de Triumf, the Palace of Parliament, one of the hundreds of churches and cathedrals and the beautiful city parks!

2. Krakow, Poland

via @nazar.kovalik

Cheapest Meal: $7

Cheapest Beer: $2.45

This city has an amazing balance of nature and city life to explore. If you want to see the nature side, visit the Tatra Mountains and the Ojcow National Park. If you want to see the city sights, visit the Wawel Castle and the Rynek Glowny market square.

1. Sofia, Bulgaria

via @thisismyeurope

Cheapest Meal: $7.60

Cheapest Beer: $1.50

Sofia, Bulgaria reached #1 on this list as the cheapest European destination for 2018! This city is filled with Roman and Greek cultural influences that come out in it's impressive architecture.

You should visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Boyana Church, the Saint Sofia Church and the Saint George Rotunda Church.

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