The 18 Essential Things All Montreal Girls Need To Do While They're 18

Embrace the best year of your youth!
The 18 Essential Things All Montreal Girls Need To Do While They're 18

Ah yes, the birthday that everyone looks the most forward to is their 18th when they are finally legal and considered an adult. Well, when you are 18 certain things are far more acceptable to do then when you hit your 20's. Down below is a list that composes of all the things you need to do while your still 18 and not giving a fvck.

I suggest trying to do all these things while you are still 18 because afterwards you get more serious about a job and school and your teen years are gone in a snap! Yes you can still do all these things after you are 18 but no one questions why you did something crazy when you say "well, I'm 18". So grab a drink and get crazy!

1. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go Skinny Dipping

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2. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go To Every Wet Wednesday

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3.Embrace Your Teen Years And Go To Winnie's Every Tuesday

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4. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go To A Boozy Brunch

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5. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go To New City Gas

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6. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go To Piknic Every Sunday

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7. Embrace Your Teen Years And Spend All Your Money On Music Festivals

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8. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go Cliff Diving

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10. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go To Skytag

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11. Embrace Your Teen Years And Try Games At The Casino

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12. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go To Beach Club As Often As You Can

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13. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go On Road Trips With All Your Friends

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14. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go Sky Diving

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15. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go To Laronde A LOT

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16. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go Zip Lining At Abraska

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17. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go To Cheap Bars

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18. Embrace Your Teen Years And Go To The SAQ For The First Time And Not Get Carded

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