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The 18 Guys You Don't Want To Meet At Clubs In Montreal

The 18 Guys You Don't Want To Meet At Clubs In Montreal

Every girl knows that when they go clubbing, especially in Montreal, you are going to meet a few guys that you could have gone not seeing that night or ever again in your life. This is usually a small portion of men in Montreal since a MAJORITY of guys are pretty nice and respectful.

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However, the minority of guys Montreal girl's don't want to meet sure are crazy, gross, and hella rude. Montreal clubs are usually filled with a few types of guys that you and your girl friends really don't wanna meet... I am sure you girls know which types of guys I am talking about, but just to give you some either funny, or gross, flashbacks let's take a step back and list them all out! Feel free to comment any guys I am missing or any personal experiences you have gone through with a guy you really didn't want to meet while clubbing in MTL!

1. The Money Man:

This is the guy who claims he has all the cash in the world! He buys you and your friends' drinks and even invites you to his table while wearing his Gucci shoes. You already know he is a douche but you give him a chance. Then, just because he buys you a drink and invites you to your table that he's going to get it with you and asks you to his place after by whispering in your ear a name like "baby" or "mami". This is about the time ou signal to your friend to GET YOU THE HELL AWAY!

2. The No-Money Man:

This guy tries to act like a bigshot to get with you. He was a credit card... that gets bounced after the bottles are already being served. You don't think much of it and he says he's going to be back after he goes to the ATM machine... Little did you know that he left and your stuck staying at a club until 5 am with your friends (and the cops) with a $750 dollar bill for bottles that aren't even yours!

3. The Grabber:

The guy who smacks your ass, grabs you by the arm, and starts forcing you to dance as your friends desperately try to pull you away!

4. The Personality Switcher:

At first, you think that this guy is cute and pretty chill. He doesn't show off and he beings to have reasonable conversations with you. He then asks you to leave the club and head to his hotel room... You nicely decline and he then calls you a fat bitch... Yeah, what a classy guy.

5. The Staring Guys:

This is the guy who you see STARING at you from across the dance floor. Not only does this make you very uncomfortable... but also fearful that he is going to approach you... But he never does and just keeps staring like a creeper.

6. The "Please Smile" Guy:

Never tell a girl to smile. Never. He is also the guy who will pick on girls who are casually standing and look to be not enjoying themselves when in fact they are. A girl doesn't have to smile every second to get anyone's approval.

7. The "Where's Your Boyfriend" Guy:

Now, this guy here either tries to pick you up by assuming you have a boyfriend and then saying that he can be it. OR, you say that you have a boyfriend and he asks well where is he now? Completely ignoring the fact that you don't want him, have a boyfriend, and that you rather stab yourself in the ears than listen to him anymore.

8. The Sports Man:

The guy who can;t stop talking about sports for a second will try to get with you by bragging about how good he is at hockey or football, or soccer, or rugby, or any sport in the books! Major douche that is probably shit and playing his so-called "game".

9. The Pure Drunk:

He will lean on you, put his sweaty ass arm around you, and say you are beautiful before he throws up in the bucket closest to him. EW.

10. The "Connections" Guy:

This guy will claim to know the owner or will attempt to get you in VIP! After he fails... RUN AWAY!

11. The Follower:

This guy will usually look vaguely familiar or was one of the guys you passed on the street who hollered "Where you fine pieces of ass going?"

12. The Under-aged Guy:

He looks 12 and acts 10... No chance.

13. The Father:

Now, this is the man ho is old enough to be your DAD! You and your friends quickly make your great escape.

14. The Flexer:

This big guy will try to sway you with his "guns". He usually wears a tight T-shirt or a tank top in the middle of winter.... Need I say more?

15. The Fight Picker:

The fight picker usually seems normal at first. He hits on you and his flirting usually isn't the best, but he is kinda cute. You wait it out a bit until some guy steps on his shoes and next thing you know is that you are in a brawl!

16. The DJ Wannabe

This guy will try to act cool by claiming he is the new Marshmello... But really he is just trying to promote his shitty SoundCloud.

17. The Fuck Boy:

This guy manipulates all the girls. He will go through your whole friend group within an hour trying to get will each of you. At first, you see he is hot AF and has a way with words. After you go to the bathroom, you see him hooking up with the next sorry girl on the dance floor.

18. The Picture Guy:

This guy will jump in your Snapchats, get in your group pictures, and try to get with you ASAP. Be sure to run away fast enough!

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