20 Halloween Costumes You're Sure To See Girls Wearing This Year

No shortage of inspiration here.
20 Halloween Costumes You're Sure To See Girls Wearing This Year

Halloween weekend is right around the corner.  Can you feel it?  In case you haven't noticed, 2017 has been an extremely eventful year on all fronts: in terms of technology, politics, film, TV and just pop culture in general.

That means there is no shortage of costumes to choose from, and there is absolutely no excuse to attend a party "dressed as yourself".

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Below are some categories that are the most relevant for costume ideas in 2017 and where your certain to find some inspiration for dressing up. But don't be surprised if you bump into someone with the same costume at a party, so don't forget to put your own original spin on it. Have fun!

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TV & Movie Costumes👿

- Scare some kids away with a sexy Pennywise costume

- Let out your fighter side and dress up as Zoya The Destroya from Glow

- Get your wig on and dress up as Dolores from West World

- Show you're a fan and dress up as Eleven from Stranger Things

- Show off some leg and dress up as a 2017 Baywatch Babe

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Group Costumes 👫 - Show your love for the year's biggest color trend and dress up as any Orange Is The New Black characters

- Coordinate costumes with your best friend and dress up as Betty and Veronica from Riverdale

- Go for a classic crew look and dress up as the Sailor Moon squad with your girls 

- Get your friends together and dress up as the Bob's Burger Family  

- Get the squad together and dress up as your favorite Emojis

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Classic Costumes 👻

- Channel your inner child and dress up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast - or any Disney princess

- Pay tribute to the late Hugh Hefner by dressing up as a Playboy Bunny

- Take the safe, sexy and classic choice, dress up as Sandy from Grease

- Dress up as Wonder Woman for an obvious but classic lady superhero costume

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Celebrity Costumes 👑

- Live out your "it" girl dream and dress up as Gigi in one of her many loud outfits

- Pile on the gloss and dress up as any of the Jenners for a very 2017-relevant costume

- Be the first lady for a night and dress up as Ivanka Trump

- Make an entrance and dress up in one of the many style phases of Queen RiRi 

- Give a shout out to the ex-first lady of the USA and dress up as Hillary Clinton

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