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The 20 Richest Neighbourhoods In Canada

The Canadian cities and towns of the rich and famous.
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The 20 Richest Neighbourhoods In Canada

Across Canada, the cost of living continues to creep up, pushing low and middle-income Canadians out of urban centres and the most desirable neighbourhoods, which are now defined by the extreme wealth of their inhabitants.

Canada lacks the obscene demonstrations of wealth that characterize the upper classes of the United States, but the country is not without its exclusive communities. Often at the periphery of major cities, these neighbourhoods are increasingly inaccessible.

To identify these communities, MoneySense annually compiles a list of "Canada's Richest Places," ranking each location by "average household net worth." These numbers "highlight the scale of wealth inequality in Canada," the publication states.

Below are listed the top 20 richest districts according to the MoneySense 2018 ranking. Below each entry is a short excerpt of descriptions of each jurisdiction taken from their websites.

20. Caledon, Ontario

Average net worth: $1,321,060

"Caledon is spread over 700 square kilometres and is a true community of communities that sits in the southern reaches of Headwaters tourism area. Scenic countryside and quaint villages offer something for everyone in Caledon," reads the municipal website.

19. Whistler, British Columbia

Average net worth: $1,460,422

Whistler is a "premier mountain resort community" that "spans an area of 12,630 hectares" on "the west coast of Canada approximately 125 kilometres north of the large population centre of Metro Vancouver." Read more on the Whistler municipal website here.

18. Canmore, Alberta

Average net worth: $1,478,315

"Canmore Alberta is a special place, nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, right beside Banff National Park," the town website explains.

17. Richmond Hill, Ontario

Average net worth: $1,506,729

"The City of Richmond Hill is located in York Region and is home to more than 200,000 residents." Read more here.

16. Aurora, Ontario

Average net worth: $1,532,968

"Aurora has a diverse economy, well-educated and skilled workforce, excellent transportation connections and is home to large corporations such as State Farm and the York Regional Police headquarters." Find out more on the Aurora municipal website here!

15. Markham, Ontario

Average net worth: $1,558,876

"Founded in the 1790s, Markham is now Canada’s most diverse community, enjoying a rich heritage, outstanding community planning and services, and a vibrant local economy," according to the city Facebook page.

14. Vaughan, Ontario

Average net worth: $1,667,910

A "culturally diverse municipality is located in the heart of York Region and the Greater Toronto Area," Vaughan "is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities." Read more here.

13. Beaconsfield, Quebec

Average net worth: $1,686,729

"Careful design has produced a tranquil setting of single-family homes, parks and tree-lined streets that encourage strolling and cycling. Easily accessible ground and air transportation systems link this suburban haven to business and vacation centres around the globe," the municipal website humbly claims.

12. Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

Average net worth: $1,737,120

"With its scenic views, mild climate, and friendly people, Vancouver is known around the world as both a popular tourist attraction and one of the best places to live," the city website reads.

11. Oakville, Ontario

Average net worth: $1,742,036

"Located within the Greater Toronto Area, the Town of Oakville is a beautiful lakeside community with approximately 201,200 residents." The town Facebook page claims the title of "Canada's most livable community." Check it out here.

10. North Vancouver, British Columbia

Average net worth: $1,869,495

"The City of North Vancouver's vision is to be a vibrant, diverse and highly liveable community that strives to balance the social, economic and environmental needs of our community," its website states.

9. North Saanich, British Columbia

Average net worth: $1,919,655

"North Saanich is a highly desirable rural-residential area. Its long coastline on three sides affords many housing sites with excellent views of water, islands and mountains. Its rolling interior lands afford views of hills and valleys and a generous feeling of open space and rapport with nature." Read more about the self-described "finest rural-residential area in all of Canada" here.

8. Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario

Average net worth: $2,150,564

"A stroll down Main Street offers many experiences and showcases the small town charm and welcoming ambience that Stouffville is known for. There are many shops, restaurants and community events for residents and visitors to enjoy." Read more here.

7. Foothills No. 31, Alberta

Average net worth: $2,200,516

"A rural municipality located adjacent to and immediately south of the City of Calgary," Foothills Country encompasses a "diverse rural landscape in which leadership and planning support a strong agricultural heritage, vibrant communities, a balanced economy and the stewardship of natural capital for future generations." Check it out here.

6. Oak Bay, British Columbia

Average net worth: $2,269,821

"Oak Bay is a picturesque suburban community located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island" next to the provincial capital of Victoria. Read more here.

5. Mont-Royal, Quebec

Average net worth: $2,392,238

"An exceptional quality of life awaits you in Town of Mount Royal. That is why people from every background choose to live in our garden city. Strategically located in the centre of the island of Montreal, Town of Mount Royal will charm you with its succession of delightful green spaces and magnificent architecture." Check out the enclave community here.

4. King, Ontario

Average net worth: $2,655,435

"The Township of King is just 45 minutes from the rush of downtown Toronto and with so much to do you'll keep falling for King all season long!" Read more here.

3. Rock View County, Alberta

Average net worth: $3,324,565

"Rocky View is located in the southern portion of Alberta in the western portion of Canada. The County surrounds the City of Calgary in a horseshoe-shape to the west, north and east." Check out its communities here.

2. Westmount, Quebec

Average net worth: $3,953,205

"A gem in the greater metropolitan setting," Westmount is "proud to be a vibrant, independent, primarily residential community that, since its founding in 1874, continues to offer a quality of life which reflects the values, hopes and aspirations of its residents." Read more about the famously wealthy Montreal enclave here.

1. West Vancouver, British Columbia

Average net worth: $4,536,269

The West Vancouver website wants you to know: "They sound like the same city, but they’re not! West Vancouver and Vancouver are distinct municipalities separated by a few hundred metres of sea, but connected by the Lions Gate Bridge. Ringed by mountains and ocean, West Vancouver delivers some of everything the West Coast and beautiful BC has to offer, wrapped up in a smaller and easy-to-visit package."

You can check out the full MoneySense ranking here!

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