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The 20 Worst Things About Finals At Dawson College

I can't even deal anymore!
The 20 Worst Things About Finals At Dawson College

There is officially two weeks left of the semester at Dawson College, and we all know what that means... FINALS AND EXAMS are going to start soon, or have already begun for those lucky students (like me). 

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Finals bring with it really shitty things and being that it is my last semester at Dawson, I thought; HEY why not laugh at the worst things about finals at Dawson College! So, sit back, relax and maybe stop stressing out for a minute to read this article and laugh along with me at all these struggles we will be experiencing very soon.

1. Trying to find a place to study in the Library becomes the reenactment of the Hunger Games

2. Other Cegeps always seem to finish before us

3.  Running to the Forum to make your exam becomes an Olympic sport

4. Getting a J-Walking ticket for running through the red light from the Forum and Alexis Nihon between exams and crying

5. Getting a million mios from your classmates who "lost their notes"

6. Tim Hortons and Starbucks become too packed to even buy a coffee

7.  The caf becomes a watering hole for crying students

8.  The library books on reserve are ALL gone

9. The 1st floor escalator always breaks

10. The wifi is no longer existent (even though it never really existed in the first place)

11. The STM fails more than usual and you begin to have a panic attack that you will miss your exam

12. Teacher's office hours became a new social hangout as you wait for your turn to mooch for a better grade

13. Having to take your English Exit exam in the middle of exam period

14. Promising to yourself that you will use your 4 hour break wisely but falling asleep instead

15. When you sneak food into the library after searching 100 years for a seat and getting kicked out

16. When all the study rooms are full and the group study hall becomes as loud as a concert 

17.  The struggle of going to the quick print section of the library and either not having any money on your printing account or having to wait for a computer to print on

18. Forgetting your laptop and having to use Dawson's computer but it crashes

19. Getting to your exam room and having to use the SMALL AF desks to write a 5 page in class essay (forget about good posture)

20. The mad rush of people who come at 9:55 and stampede into the school for there 10 am exam

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