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The 22 Best Calamari Restaurants In Montreal You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

Deep fried heaven!
The 22 Best Calamari Restaurants In Montreal You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

Montreal is known for their diverse range of restaurants and some of the best happen to be those that make the deep fried squid heaven known as calamari. Of course I am referring to those spectacular Mediterranean restaurants around the island, which happen to be some of my favorites!

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Everyone should know where to get the best calamari in town whether it be an appetizer or a whole meal, especially the one closest to where you live or work. So, to help us all crush our fishy cravings, I suggest checking some of the restaurants below that have been divided by borough. Trust me, I had calamari every day in Italy and these restaurants are some of the best in town.

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Plateau & Mile End Calamari Restaurants:

1. Comptoir 21

via @hoa_rganic

21 Rue Saint Viateur O

This Montreal seafood spot that also acts as a fish and chips restaurant! Either way, this is a great place for fried calamari. The squids are crispy, the decor is lovely, and the price is definitely right. They also have tons of dipping sauces if you don't want to just have tzatziki.


2. Restaurant Jano

via @kirstenoid

3883 St Laurent Blvd

For only $8,95, you can get a delicious plate of calamari at Jano! They serve calamari Portuguese style which is grilled and not fried! This delicious and un-battered calamari are grilled and seasoned to mouth-melting perfection with a spicy-buttery sauce. By masterfully grilling the squid instead of over-frying it like some places, Jano's calamari is succulent, juicy, and easy to tear apart.


3. Philinos

via @elitaylor9

4806 Park Ave

Philinos is a swanky and classically Montreal-Greek restaurant that specializes in an authentic lively atmosphere and dishes like fried octopus, Saganaki, freshly made Spanakopita, and rack of lamb. Philinos also lays claim to some of the best fried calamaris in the city for $17.


4. Mythos Ouzeri

via @mtl_foodie_patrol

5318 Park Ave

This upscale Greek restaurant serves magnificent renditions of favorites like roasted lamb, octopus, and deep fried eggplant and zucchini. Their Tzatziki and Saganaki are both fabulous and the Kopanisti is another standout. The calamari is fried and served in large portions w/ eggplant and zucchini chips!


5. Artigiani Pizzeria

via @lucianomercuri

4657 St Denis St

Nothing pairs better than a fresh plate of calamari and a piping hot pizza! Artigiani Pizzeria specializes in Italian food and honestly they have some of the best calamari in town!


6. Sorocco

via @mtldelicious

4621 St Denis St

For only $8, you can get a plate of chunky calamari with a deep fried crust sent from the gods! Sorocco is located in the heart of the Plateau and trust me, nothing compares to their hot calamari,


7. Maestro SVP

via @shutupandeatmtl

3615 St Laurent Blvd,

It would be a sin not to put Maestro SVP on this list! For $14 you can get this giant plate of greasy, crunchy, and lovely calamari. This is trult deep fried heaven!


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Downtown Calamari Restaurants:

1. Orange Rouge

via @nyeba

106 Rue de la Gauchetière O

Orange Rouge is a secret restaurant hidden in Chinatown that has mastered the calamari game! For $17 you can get a fabulous mountain of calamari that will make your mouth water.


2. Ferreira Cafe

via @skinnynsatisfied

1446 Peel St

This upscale Portuguese restaurant makes fantastic grilled calamari for $18. Ferreira Cafe has an extensive wine list, brilliant food, and grilled calamari just the way it should be done. Ferreira is a haven for properly prepared scallops, fish heads, clams, shrimp, and more beefy Portuguese dishes too!


3. Wienstein & Gavino's

via @pinggyu

1434, rue Crescent

I adore Wienstein & Gavino's not just because of their wine, but because of their AMAZING plates of calamari that only cost $16. You can head out downtown, enjoy the night life, all while you enjoy fabulous calamari.


4. Notkins

via @soyabooya

1101 Rue de Bleury,

For only $13, you can expect nothing less than perfection at Notkins. The ambiance is fabulous and the food is great, but their calamari is SUPERB and a must order!


5. NYK.S

via @kake902

250 Rue de Bleury,

NYK.S is an upscale gourmet restaurant that offer a fabulous plate of calamari for only $13! It may be the cheapest thing on the menu but it is $514 amazing. It's fresh, salty, and pure happiness.


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West Island Calamari Restaurants:

1. Marathons

via @marathonsouvlaki

3313 Boulevard des Sources

Marathon's is honestly my favorite place to order calamari! For $14 you get HUGE plate of calamari that can definetly be served as a main plate. It is cooked just right and the sauce really spices it up!


2. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

via @dragon_1974

6815 Route Transcanadienne

The Keg is known for their steaks, but their calamari is tough competition! It even comes with deep fried veggies that mix perfectly with their cruncky and fresh calamari.


3. La Verità

via @marrrrsbarr

11680 Salaberry Blvd

This gourmet restaurant has calamari that will bring you to could 9! Not only does it pair perfectly with every main dish on their menu, but it will even be your favorite part about dinner.


4. Scarolies Pasta Emporium

via @imsandrang

950 St Johns Blvd

You doesn't love pasta and calamari together? This is truly the Italian delicacy of pairing two of their freshest treat! Whether grilled or fried,Scarolies Pasta Emporium will blow your mind.


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Old Montreal Calamari Restaurants:

1. Holder Restaurant and Bar

via @myfoodadventure

407 McGill St

This Vieux-Montreal favorite is known for classy French foods like Duck Confit, but it also harbors some dangerous calamari for $12. Perfectly fried, invitingly warm, these calamari melt in your mouth and are paired with delicious cilantro mayonnaise. These calamari are crispy, no gross rubbery stuff.


2. Chez Delmo

via @tootallmika

275 Notre-Dame St W

Chez Delmo is nestled in Montreal's Vieux-Port and is well-known for excellent seafood dishes like their salmon tartare. Chez Delmo is also home to great calamari, halibut, scallops, Arctic char, mussels, and fish & chips.


3. Modavie

@modaviemtl this weekend did not disappoint. On the menu we have fried calamari, tender lamb chops and seafood pasta with scallops and shrimps topped with a lobster sauce... delish 💦💦

A post shared by Food Guru MTL (@foodguru.mtl) on

1 Saint-Paul St W.

For $13 you can enjoy a crispy plate of pure heaven from Modavie. They specialise in wine which goes very nicely with the plate of calamari that came right from the sea.


4. Bevo

via @feder.17

410 St Vincent St

For $13 Bevo offers a small appetrizer of calamari that goes great with their oven cooked pizzas. I wouldn't recommend it as a main dish but it sure is fabulous!


5. Jardin Nelson

via @denimqween

407 Place Jacques-Cartier,

Enjoy some fabulous seafood as you sit in the stunning outdoor garden at Jardin Nelson. For $13 you can share a great big dish of fresh calamari with your BFF this summer.


6. Ikanos

via @ikanos_mtl

12 Rue McGill #1

Ikanos is probably on of the best restaurants on this list! Not only becaause of their amazing seafood platters, but also because of their small portions of calamari that you can have with any meal!


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