The 23 Most Disturbing Trump-Themed Products You Can Actually Buy Online

These are horrifying.
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The 23 Most Disturbing Trump-Themed Products You Can Actually Buy Online

American president Donald Trump is a walking parody to his critics and a walking god to his supporters.

Combine that fervor on both sides with mature industrial capitalism and you get some pretty disturbing results.

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TL;DR Brace yourselves for 23 horrifying Trump-themed products. It's actually difficult to tell which of these products make fun of the president and which celebrate him.

Listed below are the twenty-three most unsettling Trump-themed products you can actually buy online.

They range from the truly horrifying to the hilarious, from the completely racist to the absolutely disgusting.

Enjoy! You may want to shower after this.

White Supremacist Poster – $17.99

Extreme racism combined with a dangerous conflation of Christianity and a disgusting brand of American "liberty."

Via Unique Posters

Trump Corkscrew – $29.95

He's screwing America, why not also your wine bottle?

Via Damn Handy Products

Trump Cookie Cutter – $3.99

To make the perfect cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Via D.W. Rogers Sales

Donald Trump Paperclip Holder – $19.95

The number of products that make use of Trump's head is concerning.

Via Clipheads

Donald Trump Silicone Mould – $15.99

I can't tell if this is a joke or a legit product. Either way, I do not want to know to what end people use this.

Via Oh! Sweet Art

Trump Family Nesting Dolls – $26.40

Who wants to see Trump's entire family emerge out of him? The perfect gift for an industrious toddler.

Via craftsfromrussia

Trump Tank Poster – $14.99

This is overwhelming to the eyes. Also note the eagle shooting a gun. This is not a joke poster, believe it or not.

Via A-One Posters

This Decal For Guns – $8.99

Thsi complete mess of a deal can be used to cover tire caps or guns, according to its Amazon posting.

Via Southern Hydrographics

"Deplorable Lives Matter" Mug – $11.95

Is this a statement of pride? It confuses too many issues to make any sense whatsoever.

Via Cuppa

Trump Table Cloth – $33.99

What's more appetizing that Trump's face and the colours red, white (yellow?), and blue? Yum. Add a complementary poster on the wall behind your table for the perfect look.

Via Pinafore Home

Trump Bed Spread – $99.99

Get cozy (or naughty) with this Trump-themed bed spread.

Via Café Press

Trump Toilet Decal – $14.99

Does this feel uncomfortably sexual to anyone else?

Via Bowl Faced Liar

Trump + Queen Mashup Pillow – $24.95

Elizabeth did nothing to deserve this.

Via LumaPillows

Trump Crossing The Swamp Poster – $44.95

Is this Trump leading a militia through a swampy Washington. It's apparently meant to evoke a famous painting of president Washington crossing the Delaware River. Is this advocating for some sort of uprising?

Via LordsArt

Donald Trump Mug – $14.99

Scalp Trump every morning before you drink your coffee. Terrifying.

Via SCS Direct

Trump Saves The Flag Poster – $44.95

This is just a dangerous misrepresentation of NFL national anthem protests. No one actually tramples on the flag...

Via Lords Art

Trump As Santa Inflatable Yard Decoration – $49.99

He actually looks more like the cartoon version of the Grinch than Santa.

Via Costume Agent


Hillary Clinton Nutcracker – $25.24

No list of Trump products would be complete without this misogyny.

Via Damn Handy Products

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