The 25 Best Poutines In Montreal. Yes, The 25 Best!

Hot, cheesy, gooey happiness.
The 25 Best Poutines In Montreal. Yes, The 25 Best!

Friends, sometimes it can be a little easy to get overwhelmed with all the poutine options we have in Montreal. When pretty much every spot sells poutine, it can be a little hard to decide which one is the best.

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And while everyone's poutine preferences are personal, and there's no such thing as a bad poutine - well, there are a few spots I think we can agree are the cream of the crop.

Restaurant Lafayette

1874 St Catherine St E

If the sauce is what makes or breaks the poutine (and it is) then the poutine from Lafayette is always, always delicious, thanks in part to their above and beyond delicious poutine.


Restaurant La Roulotte

10 Rue Paiement

This West Island poutinerie is what dreams are made of, you guys. Fresh, rich, cheesy, and always delicious, there's no going wrong here.


Le Tablier Rouge

1031 Rue Fleury E

Located in Ahuntsic, this spot is known for its burgers, meats, and delicious poutines. Trust; super flavourful, super gooey, and super delicious, the poutine here is unlike anything you'll ever taste.


Casse Croute Normand

4826 Rue de Verdun

If you've eveer been in the Southwest, then you probably know about this glorious casse-croute. Serving up the best poutines you'll ever get your hands on, this spot is seriously bae.


Restaurant Chez Ma Tante

3180 Rue Fleury E

An oldschool diner in Montreal North/St. Michel/Ahuntsic, the poutines here come in one size and are filled with crisp fries, rich sauce, and delicious chunks of cheese curds. Make sure to have a steamie, too, it'll change your perspective on life.

Paul Patates

2606 Rue de Coleraine

This Pointe-St-Charles spot is seriously key to everyone's happiness. While they offer a variety of delicious dishes, their poutine is highkey amazing.


Ma Poule Mouillée

969 Rachel St E

When everything comes together and creates pure happiness, that's when you know you're consuming a good dish. And the poutine at this Plateau Portuguese restaurant, featuring chorizo, Portuguese chicken, cheese, sauce, and fries, is pretty much happiness incarnate.


Restaurant Greenspot

3041 Notre-Dame St W

Situated in St. Henri, Greenspot is an oldschool diner with a super welcoming feel. The prices are super fair and the food's delicious, and their famous poutine will leave you craving more.


2120 Ontario St E

A well-known restaurant chain in Quebec, Lafleur's poutines can only be described as pure, cheesy, delicious magic.

Patati Patata Friterie De Luxe

4177 St Laurent Blvd

There's a reason why this spot is such a staple in Montreal, friends. It's got one of the tastiest poutines you'll ever try - not too heavy, totally delicious, and served up with a signature olive.


Dirty Dogs

25 Mont-Royal Ave E

Who here loves mac and cheese on their poutine? Everyone? Great! Because Dirty Dogs has taken a typical mac and cheese poutine, and made it about 7000 times more delicious - if that was even possible.


Chez Tousignant

6956 Drolet St

This Little Italy casse-croute deserves all the respect, TBH. Everything is made from scratch, and their poutine truly reflects the quality and dedication to their dishes.


Restaurant Chez Claudette

351 Laurier Ave E

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One of the most popular spots for poutine in the city, there's no question as to why. Featuring tons of different poutine dishes, and seriously flavourful sauce, eating a poutine from this Plateau spot is always a good idea.



35 Mont-Royal Ave E

Mange-Moi is kind of known for their above and beyond delicious poutines and hamburgers. They've got tons of different poutine options to choose from, but they're all guarunteed delicious!


Gibeau Orange Julep

7700 Decarie Blvd

A staple in Montreal, there's nothing not to love about the Julep. During the summer, it's probably the best place in the whole city to go chill at; and their poutines are stuff of legend.

Restaurant Mâche

1655 St Denis St

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This St. Denis spot, specializing in Quebec comfort food, makes some of the tastiest poutines in the whole city. Shoutout to their above and beyond delicious shepherd's pie dishes, too!


Poutine Centrale

3971 Rue Hochelaga

Although this HoMa spot is known for their super delicious poutine dishes, like their breakfast poutine and General Tao chicken poutine, trust me when I say that there's nothing like their classic. Quality, fresh ingredients all come together to prove that sometimes, simplicity is best.


Montréal Pool Room

1217 St Laurent Blvd

Alright, guys, this spot has been in the city for 100 years. That's a century of serving up steamies and poutines that'll make you cry for how delicious they are; and one bit of their food will tell you exactly why they've been around for so long (and will continue to be around forever, too).

Decarie Hot Dog

953 Decarie Blvd

Honestly, Decarie Hot Dog has withstood the test of time, and a super competative food scene. This spot has been around for ages, and continue serving up their signature (to die for) hot dogs and poutines.


La Banquise

994 Rue Rachel E

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True, at this stage in the game, any poutine lover knows all about La Banquise. However, the poutine is what it is: delicious, even if you take one of their more simple ones. If you're a stranger to this Montreal institution, then discover it now; and if not, then maybe it's time you rediscover La Banquise.


Bonus: Restaurant Labelle

384 Rue Principale

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True, this spot is technically in Lachute. But honestly, it's so amazing that we can't not include it on this list. Although it's only about an hour drive outside of Montreal, we still really wish it was in the city. This time, we could get it whenever the crave hits - which is always, TBH.


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