The $25,000,000 Quebec "Castle" Mansion That Will Motivate You To Make More Money

This is what a dream home looks like.
The $25,000,000 Quebec "Castle" Mansion That Will Motivate You To Make More Money

Photo cred - mypaint

It's time to forget all about house porn because castle porn is the only thing that matters right now. Let's start by putting things into perspective, this house costs $25,000,000. Do you have any idea what 25 million dollars will buy in Montreal? Now consider that this place is Magog, so you'll need to double your expectations.

This place has everything a castle needs (except for a moat and a draw bridge): A massive property large enough to hunt humans on, a motorized gate that opens up to a long drive way with multiple driving paths that lead you to the castle (you know it's huge when you need to add traffic signs). It has an outdoor gazebo with a fireplace that's bigger than my apartment and a second gazebo overlooking a mini lake that features built-in water fountains. There's also a private deck with lake and boat access, and that's just the outside.

Now let's take a look at the inside: First you'll notice there isn't a single plain painted wall or ceiling in the entire place. They're all decorated with ornate moldings, embedded lights, wood patterns, draperies, paintings, wainscoting and exposed brick.  The master bedroom is on two floors which offer two levels of windows. Even the kitchen has 2 floors with a wrap around gallery looking down from above. There's an outdoor living room with a second outdoor fireplace in case you're too lazy to walk to the other one, a home theater that looks like it was stolen from a Las Vegas hotel and the house even has it's own indoor pool.

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