The 26 Scariest Top-Rated Movies & TV Series On Netflix Canada

Get ready for some thrills... and chills
The 26 Scariest Top-Rated Movies & TV Series On Netflix Canada

Now that it's finally October, the countdown to Halloween has officially begun! I love this time of year – with all the frights, from haunted houses, to haunted spots in Montreal, there's no shortage of scares. 

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TL;DR Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means! So many scary movies and tv shows on Netflix to binge-watch! We've listed 26 of the scariest and highest rated ones for you to enjoy.

With weather like this outside today, it makes me not want to venture out and explore all the creepy things outside. Instead, I yearn to grab a fluffly blanket, make some chai tea, gather my favourite snacks, and watch scary movies and shows on Netflix. 

It's definitely on my "autumn bucket list" to watch some truly horrifying movies and be scared sh**less. It's one of my favourite things to do... until I have to go to bed and start remembering things from the movie. I love the classic thrills, like The Grudge, but I'm also looking forward to new series like the spooky Sabrina The Teenage Witch Remake.

Whether you're looking for a movie to give you chills or you're an extra creepy tv series, I've got just the thing for you! 

Here's a list of all the scariest and most highly rated movies and tv shows on Netflix Canada that you have to watch before Halloween: 


26. Train To Busan 

  • Rotten Tomatoes rating: 96%
  • Release date: Available now

If you're looking for an intense, scared-on-the-edge-of-your-seat movie, this one is for you. As the passengers on the train are leisurely waiting to arrive at their destination, they quickly realize that there's a mysterious infection spreading. Not just any infection either, one that will turn you into a flesh-eating zombie. Watch to see who makes it out alive.

25. Gerald's Game 

  • Rotten Tomatoes rating: 90%
  • Release date: Available now

This movie is based on a novel by Steven King, and centres on a middle-aged couple that goes on a getaway to spice up their sex life. They get more than they bargain for and things take a turn for the worse as the husband dies from a heart attack. Strange things start happening after that as the wife is handcuffed to the bed and tries to escape.

24. The Witch 

  • IMBD rating: 68%
  • Release date: Available now

This movie is honestly one of my favourite scary movies! Set back in the 1630s, a family (one by one) is torn apart by black magic. Strange things start happening to each of them and they have to use their judgment as to whether it's the forces of witchcraft or if they're going insane. Make sure to grab a pillow or blanket while you're watching this so you can cover your eyes! Truly spine-chilling.

23. Sinister 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 63%
  • Release date: Available now

This was one movie I tried watching a few years ago and could just not finish it. The lead up to the intense/scary scenes was just a bit too frightening for me. The movie focuses on a washed up writer who is extremely desperate for some new material. As he is researching stories, he stumbles upon some old film showing the death of a family. He is determined to solve the mystery and has the "brilliant" idea to move his own family into th victims' very own home. Things go horribly wrong as he soon realizes there's some kind of supernatural force at work. As we all know from these movies, supernatural forces are something you never want to f*ck with.

22. Hush 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 88%
  • Release date: Available now

Not being able to hear is difficult enough, not being able to hear and having a serial killer after you? Now that's a nightmare. The main character, Maddie, lost her hearing as a teenager and now lives in isolation, alone in the woods. One night Maddie has a psychotic killer in a mask try to torture her and anyone in his way. You'll be on the edge of your seat as you're rooting for Maddie. I know I was!

21. The Babadook 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 98%
  • Release date: Available now

As a single mom, there is so much you have to deal with... but monsters shouldn't have to be one of them. Samuel, the son, is constantly afraid of monsters lurking around. After reading a mysterious book called "Babadook," which is about a strange monster, they soon realize it is lurking in their house. Just watching this trailer is giving me major chills.

20. The Conjuring 2

  • Rotten tomatoes: 79%
  • Release date: Available now

Based in the 70s, this movie follows the tale of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. They travel to London and meet with a single mother of four who believes that something evil is haunting them. They soon discover that the youngest daughter is possessed by a demon.

19. Oculus 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 73%
  • Release date: Available now

Struggling with their parents' death, two siblings try to rebuild their relationship with one another. Also trying to understand how their parents were killed, they soon figure out the antique mirror in their house might have something to do with it. When you gaze into the mirror, it attacks your mind with supernatural forces. The siblings soon become trapped by the mirror's evil forces.

18. Little Evil 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 91%
  • Release date: Available now

What do you get when you mix some horror and some comedy? This movie – Little Evil. A man marries the woman of his dreams and soon starts to believe his 5-year-old stepson might actually be evil. After weird events start occuring, like a clown spontaneously bursting into flames, you'll start thinking so too.

17. 1922

  • Rotten tomatoes: 87%
  • Release date: Available now

Based on Stephen King's novella of the same name, this movie focuses on a rancher in Nebraska who killed his wife all for financial gain. He confesses his sins about the killing in 1922. But his actions have even more consequences than he could have thought possible.

16. The Purge: Election Year

  • Rotten tomatoes: 53%
  • Release date: Available now

If you're a fan of the Purge movies, then you are in for a treat! Every year in the United States, there's one night where you can kill, or do anything you want for that matter. This time it's focused on the main character, Leo, as he tries to protect a Senator as they're put on the streets during this frightening night. Their only mission? Stay alive until the sunrise.

15. Apostle 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 71%
  • Release date: October 12th

A man is on a mission in this thriller. He travels to a secluded island to find his sister who has been kidnapped by an extremist, religious cult. This movie is not for the faint of heart, watch it if you dare!

14. Bram Stoker's Dracula 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 72%
  • Release date: Available now

This 1992 thriller is definitely a classic and one to watch to get you in the Halloween mood. The famous story of Count Dracula is depicted in this movie – where the 15th century prince is forced to live off of blood for the rest of his life. A young lawyer is sent to the Dracula's house to establish a deal (buying some land). Things take a turn for the worse when Dracula spots a photo of the lawyer's wife who looks eerily like his dead wife. You'll just have to watch this one for yourself to find out what happens next.

13. Dawn of the Dead

  • Rotten tomatoes: 75%
  • Release date: October 3rd

For those of you who love zombies and especially sprinting zombies... this movie is for you. The plot focuses on the survivors of the apocalypse who gather in the only place they can... a shopping mall. Scaredy cats beware of this one.

12. [REC] 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 88%
  • Release date: October 20th

For those who are extremely brave and don't scare easily, this movie has your name written all over it. The movie focuses on a reporter and her cameraman who are on scene to shoot firefighters intervening an apartment building in Barcelona. Things take a freaky turn as some of the residents in the apartment building start acting strange and showing murderous behaviour.

TV Series 

11. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

  • Rotten tomatoes: not yet rated
  • Release date: October 26th

Just in time for Halloween, this TV series will get you in the spooky mood. Based on the classic 90s show Sabrina The Teenage Witch, this one is a much darker version of the original show. Featuring the same characters you know and love, the show follows Sabrina as she has to choose between the witch world of her family and that of her human friends.

10. Slasher 

  • IMBD: 68%
  • Release date: Available now

The plot around this freaky tv series centres on a young woman who returns to the small town where her parents were murdered. Now a new series of murders has started... coincidence?

9. Hannibal 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 89%
  • Release date: Available now

This freaky show will have you creeped out just in time for Halloween. Based on the novels by Thomas Harris, this series focuses on the relationship between an FBI criminal profiler and a forensic psychiatrist (Dr. Hannibal Lecter) who work together to solve murders.

8. Bates Motel 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 93%
  • Release date: Available now

Based on Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho, this series focuses on the events leading up to those portrayed in the film and centres on the lives of Norman Bates and his mother as they first buy the legendary motel. If you haven't seen the film, I highly recommend that you do – it's a creepy, freaky classic.

7. The Haunting of Hill House 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 100%
  • Release date: October 12th

The highly anticipated show based on Shirley Jackson's novel is soon coming to Netflix. The series centres on the repressed trauma and family conflict of the five Crane siblings. Each episode will follow a single sibling as they try to come to terms with traumatic experiences that they endeaured while living in Hill House. This series will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time!

6. Glitch 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 80%
  • Release date: Available now

Seven individuals have mysteriously risen from the dead in a small town. They have perfect health but aren't sure who they are. The show follows these individuals as they try to their identify themsevles and find out what exactly happened to them. They realize they are all linked somehow and are on a mission to find the person who knows the truth. This one is sure to creep you out!

5. Superstition

  • IMBD: 52%
  • Release date: Available now

This series is about the members of the Hastings family, who live in a small town in Georgia. They own a funeral home and cemetery. They also creepily provide services to the dead who have been killed by demons.

4. Scream

  • Rotten tomatoes: 65%
  • Release date: Available now

For those who love the classic movies Scream, this tv series is sure to satisfy you. A group of teenagers soon become the prime target of a killing spree. One in particular is the focus of the serial killer – Emma, whose family and friends are also in danger. She sets out to uncover who the murderer is, but doesn't know who she can actually trust.

3. Stranger Things 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 94%
  • Release date: Available now

This one is a crowd favourite for a reason! Set in the 1980's in Indiana, a mother, police chief, and a grou of friends are on a hunt for the boy who disapeared into thin air. Their mission isn't easy though as they have to face terrifying forces and creatures to get him back.

2. The Staircase 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 93%
  • Release date: Available now

Shows can be scary but at least they're not real right? This one is haunting because it revolves around death of Micheal Peterson's (a novelist) wife, who said she died because she fell down the stairs. It was determined that she was actually beaten, now Peterson is a suspect and a suspect in the murder. The show uses real-life footage of the courtroom trial. Haunting.

1. Riverdale 

  • Rotten tomatoes: 88%
  • Release date: Available now

Based on the popular Archie comics, this show is anything but innocent. It centres on the death of a popular rich kid, which shakes the town of Riverdale. All the characters you know and love – Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica – just in a darker setting.

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