The 27 Most Hilarious Twitter Reactions To Boxing Day 2018

Memes galore!
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The 27 Most Hilarious Twitter Reactions To Boxing Day 2018

Christmas has come and gone, but now we get to enjoy the absolute treasure that is Boxing Day.

The "Black Friday of Commonwealth Nations" is one of the biggest sale days of the year (the U.S., unfortunately, does not recognize Boxing Day)

Thousands of people across Canada and the United Kingdom, especially, flock to stores and online platforms to take advantage of some pretty incredible deals. As a result, things can get pretty messy...

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TL;DR Below are compiled 27 hilarious Tweets about Boxing Day 2018.

Below are compiled the 27 most hilarious Twitter reactions to Black Friday 2018. As Canadians enter a shopping frenzy, it seems most Americans are just confused about what, exactly, Boxing Day is and why it's trending on Twitter.

Happy shopping!

Boxing day shopping like...

December 26, 2018

An idealistic version of Boxing Day.

Hi, confused American here, what do you mean Boxing Day isn’t when you get to fight everyone who wronged you during the year????

December 26, 2018

If only...

Frantically searches boxing day on google

December 26, 2018

Cat memes and gifs seem to dominate the Boxing Day online culture.

Wishing all my Canadian family and friends a Happy Boxing Day! 😎👍❤️🎁🇨🇦🎄

December 26, 2018

Things can get chaotic.

Boxing Day in Canada is the only day it's legal to punch someone in the face.

December 25, 2018

Some people seem to want to deliberately confuse Americans.


In Canada, the country's best boxers participate in a 12-hour event on December 26th, which is known as Boxing Day

December 24, 2018

Boxing Day#DayAfterChristmas
The importance of spelling - you thought you wrote to Santa asking for a puppy but your typo meant you addressed it to Satan by mistake...

December 26, 2018

For some, Boxing Day is an occassion to return unwanted gifts.

Today is Boxing Day in Canada. Or, as we in America call it; WTF is Boxing Day?

December 26, 2018

@nathbonnard1971 Boxing day sale in Canada

December 26, 2018

Remember, tomorrow is Boxing Day.
In Canada, it’s when we give to the poor. In the US, it’s when you return the shitty gifts you got for Christmas.

December 25, 2018

me spreading a gay feminist agenda on boxing day? more likely than you think

December 26, 2018

Some have ulterior motives..

Wait? People are voluntarily leaving their beds? On Boxing Day?

December 26, 2018

Many have decided to forgo Boxing Day shopping, altogether.

Happy Boxing Day!

December 26, 2018

Secretly what everyone wants.

i can’t believe people actually leave their houses on boxing day you set of fucking weirdos

December 26, 2018

Just saw a car covered in an iced capp. Happy Boxing Day in Canada.

December 26, 2018

It's a very Canadian day.

An ideal Boxing Day.

December 26, 2018

Food hangovers are real.

Ah, Boxing Day. When your house looks like it slept with it’s makeup on.

December 26, 2018

Well put.

It’s called Boxing Day because it makes retail workers want to go 10 rounds with dumb customers

December 26, 2018

Our thoughts go out to all the retail workers today!

Today is Boxing Day in Canada. This is the day they put all the red and green flannel into boxes and then get the brown and red flannel out of other boxes.
And there is much round bacon consumed.

December 26, 2018

It's a day of seasonal change.

Not what I wanted to see in my #whatsappwonderbox this morning. I sincerely hope it’s a joke about Santas’ taking Boxing Day too literally. If not, these guys are a disgrace to their ‘uniform!’

December 26, 2018

Even Santa needs to release some stress after the busiest day of his year.

Today in Canada it’s Boxing Day. So far, I have punched 15 people.

December 26, 2018

Boxing day mood.

December 26, 2018

BIG mood.

St Stephen's Day or Boxing day.
The day you humans get to be cats: you sit around all day doing nothing, sleeping off the excesses of the day before. Enjoy!

December 26, 2018

Am I going to Canada’s largest mall on Boxing Day? Am I a sucker for punishment?

Apparently, and most definitely

December 26, 2018

Boxing Day is particularly dangerous in major shopping centres.

Not to worry. Canada will defend its southern border and repel any American invasion. Happy Boxing Day!

December 26, 2018

It's a day for Canadians to remind themselves of their difference from their American neighbours.

Meanwhile in Canada

December 26, 2018

For the US conservatives on my feed: soon, non-denominational-socialized-winter-festivities will occur in Canada. All are issued a festivity stick and judged by a death-panel on their suitability with toeing the party line. Then, on Boxing Day, Queen Elizabeth fights a kangaroo.

December 3, 2018

This Tweet is from early December, but it's just too good to not include.

Stay safe, Canada!

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