The 40 Montreal Restaurants That Have Closed This Year

Nothing lasts forever in the city, not even your favourite restaurant.

Guys, if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: Montreal's restaurant scene is seriously awesome.

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But, just like in all things, there is some bad with the good. Although new and awesome spots pop up in the city all the time, other great spots close their doors forever.

And if you're wondering which awesome places sadly shut down for good in Montreal in 2016, well, here's a list of the most popular ones:

Le Mas Des Oliviers, 1216 Rue Bishop - CLOSED

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M Sur Masson, 2876 Rue Masson - CLOSED

Socialito, 75 Rue Saint Viateur O - CLOSED

Le Slang, 5669 Av de Monkland - CLOSED

Tripes & Caviar, 3725 Rue Wellington - CLOSED

JoBlo, 3807 Rue Wellington - CLOSED

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Burritoville, 2055 Rue Bishop - CLOSED

Saka-Ba, 1279 Avenue du Mont-Royal E - CLOSED

TK Restobar, 5940 Avenue Victoria - CLOSED

Velo Burrito, 32 Rue Beaubien E - CLOSED

Cafe International, 6714 Boul St-Laurent - CLOSED

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Bistro Fado, 5014 Av du Parc - CLOSED

Japote, 1616 Rue Sainte-Catherine O - CLOSED

Ma'Tine, 1310 Boul de Maisonneuve E - CLOSED

Le Painnamou, 2019 Rue Bishop - CLOSED

Cho'cola, 5601 Av de Monkland - CLOSED

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The Fortune Dumplings & Bubble Tea, 1629 Saint Catherine Street West- CLOSED

Crackpot, 232 De Castelnau E - CLOSED

Gout 4 U, 6707 St-Laurent - CLOSED

Odaki, 1836 Rue Sainte-Catherine O - CLOSED

Communion, 135 Rue de la Commune Ouest - CLOSED

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La Stazione, 6700 Boul St-Laurent - CLOSED

Raclette Etcetera, 90 Avenue Laurier O - CLOSED

Tartufo d'Oro, 6961 Boul St-Laurent - CLOSED

West Island Deli, 3689 Boul Saint-Jean - CLOSED

Le Petit Trianon, 5211 Rue Sherbrooke O - CLOSED

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Via Roma, 7064 Boul St-Laurent - CLOSED

M:Brgr, 2025 Rue Drummond - CLOSED

La Cucina, 5134 Boul St-Laurent - CLOSED

Caresse Antillaise, 6470 Rue Sherbrooke - CLOSED

Mavi, 5327 Avenue Gatineau - CLOSED

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Sofia Vineria, 2042 Rue Peel - CLOSED

Epicerie Fardoche, 3436 Rue Dandurand - CLOSED

L'Autre Version, 295 Rue Saint Paul E - CLOSED

Chingu, 5171 Av du Parc - CLOSED

Micro Resto La Famille, 418 Rue Gilford - CLOSED

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Rosalie, 1232 Rue de la Montagne - CLOSED

Cafe Rococo, 1650 Avenue Lincoln - CLOSED

Navarino, 5563 Av du Parc - CLOSING

Cuisine Bangkok, 1616 Saint Catherine Street West - CLOSED (Relocating)

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