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The 5 Best Drinking Games

Games to make drinking more fun, if that`s even possible.
The 5 Best Drinking Games

Let's be honest, pre- gaming (otherwise known as pre- drinking) is essential before any night out. It all begins by picking up a few six packs, a bottle of wine, or heck, even a 26er of hard liquor. When pre-gaming, the more the merrier, both booze and people wise. For some people, the pre is more fun than the night's outing. You and your friends, hanging around someone's living room, sipping on all sorts of drinks that are definitely cheaper than those you'll be buying at the outing's venue. Whilst in the comfort of yours or your buddy's place, there's no concern of bumping into people you rather not see, oh, and you can even be the DJ! The best pre-games consist of those spent with good company. Instead of doing the usual, and rushing to finish your booze, dedicate some more time to organize the pre-game with some super fun drinking games. Playing games with your booze helps break the ice and force everyone to sip a little bit faster.

Oh, and the games come with their instructions.

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King's Cup

Equipment: Deck of cards, booze, a cup for each player, and an additional center cup

Setup: Shuffle a deck of cards and place them around a cup in the center of the table

Instructions: Each participant receives their own cup filled with their choice of booze. In a clockwise manner, each player takes a turn by picking up a card. The player announces his/ her card, and each card requires an action that are as followed:

Ace: Waterfall

Everyone starts chugging. The participant who initially picked up the card can chose when to stop. Once he stops chugging, the person to his left can stop and so on.

Two: YOU!

The person who picks up the card gets to force anyone in the game to take a sip.

Three: ME!

Your turn to drink.

Four: Whores!

All the ladies drink.

Five: Thumbs

The player who picks up this card becomes the "thumb- master". Until the next "five" card is picked, the "thumb- master" can put his thumb down on the table at any point in the game. Without saying anything, the other players must follow and place their thumbs on the table. The last player to notice must drink.

Six: Dicks

All the guys drink.

Seven: Heaven

All of the players must reach for the sky, the last one to lift his/ her hand up in the air must drink.

Eight: Mate

Pick a drinking mate so that every time you drink, they must drink with you.

Nine: Rhyme

The player who picks the card begins by announcing a word. Following, each player must come up with a word that rhymes to the previous one. The person who cannot think of a rhyming word must drink.

Ten: Categories

The player who picks the cad announces a category, such as car makes, or shoe brands. Each player must contribute by saying something that fits into the category. The player that goes blank must drink.

Jack: Never have I ever

The person who picks up the card says something that they have never done. If the players have done it, they must put down a finger. This continues among the circle. The first player with all of his/ her fingers down must drink.

Queen: Question Master

The person who picks up the Queen card becomes the "question master" until the next one is picked. Being the "question master" means that throughout the game, you must ask question to the other players at random. Those players must answer your question with a question. If they answer your question properly, they must drink.

King: Make a rule

The player who picks the king card must make a rule, and each player must abide by it. Examples include no swearing, only picking up your cup with your left hand etc.,. Until the next king card is picked and a new rule is made. As well, the players who pick the first 3 king cards must pour a bit of their drink into the center "king's cup". The person who picks the fourth and last king card must chug whatever is in the king's cup.

Flip Cup

Equipment: 1 plastic cup per player and half a beer per player, per round

Setup: Players get into 2 teams and line up side by side down the length of a table. One team stand on one side of the table, with the other team facing them. Each player must place a plastic cup filled with beer in front of them

Instructions: Each player should match up with a person on the opposing team in order to ensure that the teams have an equal number of players. The first pair on the line begins by a cheers and start to chug. Once a player has finished his beer, he must flip the empty cup at the edge of the table so that the cup lands upside down. Once the cup reaches that position, the next player on that team does the same, until the last person on the line. The team that finishes first takes the winning title.

Beer Pong

Okay, so we know this one's an obvious, but we would be ashamed if we hadn't included the most well known drinking game!

Equipment: 12 plastic cups, a ping pong ball, beer

Setup: Six cups are set up in a pyramid format at the end of each table, with the cups touching one another. Pour a desired amount of beer in each cup.

Instructions: Teams can consist of 1- 2 players. Players on each team take turns throwing the ball across the table and trying to land it in the opposing teams cups. If a player hits the ball into a cup, the other team must drink the booze in that cup and that cup is removed from their pyramid, as well, the player who sunk that ball gets to throw again. The game ends when one team's pyramid is demolished, the opposing team wins.

Special Rules:

When throwing the ball, your elbows should not pass the table.

When a player throws a ball across the table, he can chose to bounce it, however, in that case the opposing team's player is permitted to smack the ball away. (Do this when the opposing team isn't paying attention).

A player can blow or scoop the ball out of their cup if it is swirling in.

If the ball flies away and you manage to snatch it before the team whose turn it is, you get a "trick shot" which allows you to throw the ball again, whilst using a trick. Tricks include keeping your eyes shut, bouncing the ball off the ceiling... etc.

Cards Against Humanity- Drinking Edition

Equipment: Cards Against Humanity deck (printable online), booze

Setup: There should be at least 4 players in the game for maximum excitement. Each player gets a set of five cards, and each time one is used, the player must pick up another one from the deck.

Instructions: Each round, one player picks up a "question card" from the black pile reads it out loud. The remaining players must chose what they think to be the best (funniest) answer from their set of white cards. The player who posed the question then chooses his favorite answer, and that player with that best answer drinks, and gets to ask the next question.

Metro Stop Chugging

This one's for those who simply don't have time to get together and play a game that requires equipment and specific setups. The Metro Stop Chugging Game allows you to have fun pre-gaming, on route to your destination!

Equipment: booze (preferably poured into water bottles or anything that hides the obvious alcohol)

Setup: Get on the metro, have your booze in your bag, and get going.

Instructions: The further you are from you destination for the evening, the better! This game's pretty simple. Begin at your stop and get ready for some chuggin'. Until you've reached your destination, chug a beer, or take a shot, at each metro stop. If you live at the end of the orange line, and are trying to make it all the way downtown- watch your step at the arrival of your destination!

It's no doubt that a boring pre- game or even a quiet night in with your friends can be cured by one of these awesome drinking games. Endless laughs and plenty of drunks surrounding one another is guaranteed!

Which drinking games are your favorite? Think we missed one? Let us know in the comments below.

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