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The 5 Best McDonald's Burgers Hacks

McDonald`s food mash ups by Epic Meal Time`s main man Harley Morenstein.
The 5 Best McDonald's Burgers Hacks

You may have been going to McDonalds your entire life and never used the menu to its full potential. Vlogger and food fanatic Harley Morenstein knows his stuff, and this is coming from an ex-McDonalds employee. Read on to learn the tips and tricks to get extra decadent and greasy the next time you swing by McDs.

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The Land, Air, and Sea Burger

A trifecta of McD's patties is the Land, Air, and Sea Burger. Take one Quarter Pounder (land), throw in a Jr/McChicken (air), and top it all off with a Fish Filet (sea). Yes, chickens can't fly, but who cares when you have this epically delicious triple-decker heart-stopper?

The Pig Mac

Why doesn't the Big Mac have bacon? God only knows. Add it on to your own to create 'The Pig Mac.' Bacon makes everything better, and Big Macs are no exception.

The Rich Mac

So the Big Mac doesn't have bacon and it only has two measly patties? Hardly that big. Make your BM man sized, and substitute two Quarter Pounder patties to make it 'The Rich Mac.' You could just get a Double Big Mac, or just combine the two to make a Double Rich Mac. You may not survive, but that's the best way to go in my mind.

The Mini Mac

Not feelin crazy hungry but still want all that Big Mac flavour? Minitiuraize your Big Mac by ordering a double cheeseburger off of the Value Menu and ask to make it 'like a mac' by adding Mac sauce (essentially thousand island dressing) and lettuce. If the attendant gives you any guff and says they can't do that, they're either new or lying. There is actually a 'like a mac' button on the McDonald's POS screen and can easily be done to any sandwich you like. #tipsfromaninsider

The McGangbang

A classic McD special move, this creation involves fusing a McChicken and a Double Cheeseburger into 'The McGangbang.' Simply stack the two burgers and consume.

Bonus: The Apple Pie McFlurry

I thought I invented this in my time as a McD's worker, but apparently the idea has caught on. You can just squash an apple pie into a any McFlurry for the basic style, but if you have a man on the inside, ask to have the apple pie blended into the McFlurry along with the toppings of your choice. Be sure to cool the apple pie down a little before, or else things will get too melty.

For a quick recap, here is the original video

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