The 5 Cheapest Cities For Canadian Travellers To Live Abroad

Time to pack your bags!
The 5 Cheapest Cities For Canadian Travellers To Live Abroad

Many Canadians choose to travel or live abroad, whether it be for school, work or maybe just a change of scenery. There are Canadians in almost every city in the world, with many more young people making the decision to settle overseas each day.

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So, you're probably wondering what cities are the best to live in, or more specifically, the cheapest. It's no secret that depending on where you move rent and other living expenses can essentially dig your grave for you. To avoid all of that stress and fear, the Economist Intelligence Unit in Canada has released their 2018 report which includes the least expensive cities for Canadians to live in abroad. 

The ratings take into account the cost of infastructure, Western-style goods and value-added taxes. This year, Singapore was ranked as the #1 most expensive place to live abroad, so moving there on a budget is currently out of the question. Luckily, there are many gorgeous cities to live in that are actually cheaper than residing in Canada.

So, if you've been playing with the idea of moving to a new place, one of these cities might be the perfect spot for you.

1. Sofia, Bulgaria

2. Cairo, Egypt

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3. New Delhi, India

4. Bucharest, Romania

5. Almaty, Kazakhstan 

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Which city would you choose to live in?