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The 50 Most Memorable Montreal Moments Of 2013

Magnificent & controversial moments that took the city by storm.
The 50 Most Memorable Montreal Moments Of 2013

2013 has been a pretty wild year. Montreal went through some pretty crazy shit, the summer's city-wide water warning and a few explosions being two of many. But what didn't kill us made us stronger, and 2013 saw some of the most epic parties and musical acts Montreal has ever hosted. Osheaga was bigger and better than ever, some solid new bars opened to change the nightlife scene, and concerts were galore. No doubt 2014 will bring the same amount of epic-ness, but before we say goodbye to 2013, let's take a second to remember all the magnificent moments that made 2013 such a memorable year.

To relive the magic of the past year MTL Blog has compiled the 50 most memorable Montreal moments of 2013. Remember that night, that show, and that party as we take you down Montreal's memory lane.

Click here to relive 2013 >

No More BYOB @ Piknic Electronik

When: April 28th

Where: Piknic Electronik (Parc Jean-Drapeau)

Why: We couldn't bring our own beer and wine anymore. 'Nuff said.

Fiston: A Very Real & Funny Web Series

When: Began 2012, exploded in 2013

Where: Exclusive web series on MSN Video

Why: Every single one of his episodes makes us keep wanting more. We laugh at his brutal honesty. If you're going to watch one French series this year, this is the one. Watch them now >

Gigantic Sinkhole Swallows Backhoe

When: August 7th

Where: Guy/St. Catherine

Why: Potholes evolve into machine devouring sinkholes and Montreal's construction corruption is more evident than ever. Traffic gets nuts.

Dave Chappelle at Just For Laughs

When: July 24th-July 28

Where: JFL Comedy Festival (Place des Art's Théâtre Maisonneuve)

Why: In a surprise nine shows Chappelle sold 14,221 tickets, breaking the festivals record and made the city laugh harder than ever before.

Food Trucks Roll Out To Feed The City

When: June 20th

Where: All over the city

Why: After a 60 year ban, food trucks once again graced the streets of Montreal, feeding hungry citizens awesome food.

Champlain Bridge Constantly Breaking

When: Ongoing

Where: Brossard + Montreal

Why: Repairs and construction reach new levels of frustration for commuters. One man even opens a helicopter ride service.

Mosaica Cultures at the Botanical Gardens

When: June 22-September 29

Where: Montreal's Botanical Gardens

Why: Global horticultural talent showed off right here in Montreal, plus giant grass people. Even Hugh Jackman was impressed.

City-wide Water Boil Advisory

When: May 22nd

Where: All over the city

Why: 36 hours of no water left the city no choice but to drink beer and because of a "whoops" moment.

1st Annual MURAL Festival

When: June 13th-16th

Where: St. Laurent/Prince Arthur

Why: Outdoor party and live creation of 4 awesome murals showcase Montreal's graffiti art and talent. See more pics and recap here.

Firework Factory Explosion

When: June 20th

Where: Coteau-du-lac

Why: B.E.M. fireworks factory ignites and explodes for hours.

Osheaga 2013 Breaks Attendance Records

When: August 1-3

Where: Parc Jean-Drapeau

Why: So packed, so sweaty, so fun. An Osheaga never to forget. Relive all of the photo memories (Part 1 & 2)


When: November 4th

Where: The Montreal Twitter-sphere

Why: The city reacts to its newly elected mayor, with hilarious results. Get the original story and #coderring defined.

Apt. 200's Opening Night

When: September 26th

Where: 3643 St. Laurent

Why: No more Ballroom as St. Lo gets the coolest new bar in a long while. Read our initial coverage and see all the photos since.

Film POP's PFFR: LEGACY 2112

When: September 28th

Where: Film BOX

Why: PFFR's John Lee shows a huge mix of media awesomeness, including a never-before-seen episode of the hilarious Wonder Showzen.

Announcement and Proposal of the PQ's Charter of Values

When: Announced May 22nd, officially proposed September 10th, 2013

Where: Montreal

Why: Restricting the freedom of expression for many Montreal citizens, Bill 60 sparks a city-wide controversy and more than a few protests.

Priape and Le Drugstore Close Their Doors

When: October 25th

Where: The Village

Why: While Priape reopened a week later, two Montreal Village-staples shut down, largely due to high rents.

Mos Def Crushes Le Belmont

When: July 19th

Where: Le Belmont

Why: The cunning lyricist and musical heavyweight graces the stage of Le Belmont for an awesome summer show. If you didn't go, check it out here.

Bass Drive Wednesdays takes over Piknic Electronik

When: July 21st

Where: Piknic Electronik (Parc Jean-Drapeau)

Why: The intense energy and sexy vibes of the Belmont's weekly event takes over Piknic in an unforgettable musical mash-up of DJ sets and summer sun. Check out the photos here >


When: February 14th

Where: Buonanotte (3518 St. Laurent)

Why: Language laws go next-level ridiculous when the word 'pasta' is attacked for not being French and becomes a city-wide joke.

Kanye West Cancels Montreal Performance

When: November 6th

Where: Whatever reality Kanye West lives in/Montreal

Why: Despite Kanye's craziness, many a Montrealer was heartbroken by his cancellation of his Nov. 14th Bell Center show.

Beaux Degats Relocates to Foufounes

When: March 2013

Where: Foufounes Electroniques

Why: A new year and new location for Beaux Degats Art Battle. Check out the inaugural night here.

Beatles in Montreal Exhibit

When: March 29th-present

Where: Mariners' House

Why: A new generation of Montrealers get to relive the magic of having one of the most historic bands ever in their home city.

Oysterfest 2013's Oyster Shucking Competition

When: September 8th

Where: Old Port

Why: A day of oysters and caesars had shuckers from Japan to Denmark competing for the title of Oyster King. Relive the magic here.

Feist's Zero Charge Jazz Fest Show

When: June 28th

Where: TD Stage @ Place des Festival

Why: Feist kicks of Jazz Fest with an entirely free show, her first at the festival since 2005.

Helm Brewery Launches Hutchison IPA @ Beerfest 2013

When: May 29th to June 2nd

Where: Palais des congrès of Montreal

Why: At 7.5% and super delicious, the Hutchison IPA can still be consumed at Helm now, thanks to rave reviews. Also, everyone got hammered at BeerFest.

A Tribe Called Red + Tommy Kruise at M for Montreal

When: November 21

Where: Société Des Arts Technologiques

Why: Kicking off the weekend, both acts started the M for Montreal pre-weekend off right with two killer sets.

Rob Zombie Raging @ Heavy MTL

When: August 11th

Where: Heavy MTL (Parc Jean-Drapeau)

Why: Rising from the grave, Rob Zombie rocked Heavy MTL and showcased his newest album.

Policeman Photographed Bitchslapping an Oil Pipeline Protester

When: October 10th

Where: Enbridge Inc. Building

Why: The police cracked down on peaceful protesters, and things got not-so-peaceful soon after. Check out more protester vs. police action.

Under Pressure Weekend

When: August 10th-11th

Where: St. Cats/St. Laurent area

Why: Montreal's best graffiti artists, awesome DJ's, and serious eats from Diablos BBQ made for one of the best weekends of the summer. Relive the magic here and here.

Taste MTL Does Everything Maple

When: November 1st-11th

Where: City-wide

Why: Tourisme Montréal and over 125 restaurants took on the challenge of incorporating Quebec maple syrup into their menus, proving maple is good with everything.

Black Tiger Sex Machine @ Jazz Fest

When: June 28th

Where: Club Soda

Why: The Montreal band showed Jazz Fest isn't just for jazz, killing it at Club Soda

Station 16 Robbery

When: Sometime between November 2nd-4th

Where: 3523 St-Laurent

Why: Over $50,000 of artwork stolen from Montreal's urban art gallery. Check out some of the stolen works below.

Montreal Almost Has First Trans/Ex-Prostitute City Official

When: October 18th

Where: Pleateau-Mont Royal

Why: Melanie Joly Group made waves during the Mayoral election for nominating a controversial candidate...before removing Bibiane Bovet days later. Relive the moment.

Asshole Berates Muslim Woman On a Bus

When: August 28th

Where: Bus 69

Why: When people wondered who exactly supported the Charter of Values, this video made citizens painfully aware. See it here.

Hardwell Takes Over Beach Club

When: September 1st

Where: Le Beach Club

Why: With record numbers, EDM master Hardwell makes Le Beach Club hotter than ever before.

Justin Trudeau at the MTL Pride Parade

When: August 18th

Where: The Village

Why: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau shows his pride in the 2013 Pride Parade, alongside 130 floats and men in assless chaps. See more prideful activities here.

Romados Returns

When: July 12th

Where: Romados (115 Rachel)

Why: After months of being closed, Romados, home of the crack-chicken, reopens. The city goes nuts. See the full story here.

Suwu's Breakfast Club Launch

When: May 26th

Where: Suwu (St. Laurent/Prince Arthur)

Why: Drunch (drunk brunch) became a thing with Suwu's endless mimosas. Sundays officially became cool in Montreal.

Unveiling of New Metro Cars

When: November 25th

Where: Montreal

Why: After 50 years the STM revealed their plan to introduce new cars starting in 2014. Big news for commuters. Even Marois looks pumped.

Verdun Gets First Bar in 100 Years

When: May 14th

Where: Verdun

Why: Verdun got a Benelux, the first bar in the area since 1875. Citizens were happy for obvious reasons.


When: November 26th

Where: Montreal's West Island

Why: A random sonic boom and flash over the West Island had the city speculating the origin, from aliens to the rapture. The #bigbluebang just turned out to be a run of the mill meteor.

Quebec Corruption Inquiry Hits City Hall

When: May 17th

Where: City Hall

Why: Fed up with sinkholes, an official corruption inquiry is initiated at Montreal's city hall. Needless to say, many were arrested.

Target Comes to Montreal

When: September 17th

Where: All over Canada

Why: Goodbye Zellers, hello Target. Montrealers reep the savings.

Lachine Powerline Fireball

When: November 1st

Where: Lachine

Why: Not only is it super cool looking, someone managed to capture the destruction on video. Even people in Germany saw it.

Harlem Shake Dominates Montreal

When: February-March 2013

Where: All over Montreal

Why: From subways, to McGill, to Mount Royal, Montreal showed how it can Harlem Shake like no other city. We even tried to break the world record >

Paul Desmarais' Memorial

When: December 3rd

Where: Notre Dame Basilica

Why: Montreal/Canada's elite come out to Old Montreal to mourn the passing of one of Canada's most powerful businessmen.

Star Trek Captains Reunite at Montreal Comiccon

When: September 15th

Where: Palais des Congres

Why: Captain Kirk and Picard made fans have a nerdgasm as the two illustrious captains answered questions. No fight to the death, unfortunately.

Cronuts Invade Montreal

When: September

Where: La Cornetteria (6528 St. Laurent)

Why: The fried food fad dessert breaks on the Montreal food scene. Known as the 'cronetto' and first made by La Cornatteria, the delicious dessert adds weight to many around the city.

Surprise Arcade Fire Concert

When: September 9th

Where: Salsatheque

Why: Out of nowhere, the Montreal mega-band held a show for 100 lucky fans, but only if they were wearing formal attire.

Lunice and Rockie Fresh Make Apt. 200 Amazing

When: November 9th

Where: 3643 St. Laurent (Apt. 200)

Why: Saintwoods took the city by surprise with their high energy houseparty featuring Montreal's Lunice. Witness the debauchery.