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The 6 STM Metros Stations You're Most Likely To Spot Rats

Kill them with fire!
The 6 STM Metros Stations You're Most Likely To Spot Rats

Montreal's Metro Stations are like snowflakes.

Each one is beautiful and unique in its own way.

The only problem with snowflakes is that sometimes they land on a pile of dog shit.

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In the same way, many of Montreal's metro station are beautiful and are kept pretty clean, while others receive far less janitorial attention.

They are dirty, they are boiling hot and they often smell like the devil's taint.

They're also the stations where if you were to encounter a rat, you wouldn't be the least surprised.

So here they are the 6 dirtiest Metro station where you'd be the most likely to encounter a rat.


Sauvé metro aka "a little slice of hell" is pretty bad overall.

Most of the stations we listed are just gross because of the temperatures and the smell, but this one has actual rats.

There are so many, that they started invading nearby houses.


Often listed as Montrealers' least favorite stations.

Some have even referred to it as an abomination. It's boiling hot, smells like the inside of a urinal and cockroach sightings aren't an unusual occurrence.

Voted as the #1 station where you're most likely to encounter someone who wants to show you their penis.


Beaudry is like a sewer with a coat of paint on it.

The escalators and stairs are clearly on drugs. Can we even call it an escalator?

I swear it feels like you’re walking up there for straight 35 minutes.

The smell and the mysterious puddles are juts a few of the surprise that await you.


Frontenac is in category on it's own.

Not that is infested with rats, although they have been spotted there in the past, but it just feels like if you're going to get murdered in a metro station, it will probably happen there.

And once you've been murdered, guess what your corpse will attract? That's right, rats.


There's really only one way to describe Metro Crémazie: It's sketchy as fuck.

It's big and it's confusing, which is probably why it never gets cleaned.

This station seems to prove the rule that the deeper underground the station is, the dirtier is gets.


When it comes to Atwater, the metro station itself isn't all that bad, but the metro exits are horrifying.

Especially the one near the hospital.

The outside is caked in the thickest layer of bird shit you've ever seen, and the smell makes you understand why most metro stations shouldn't include public bathrooms.

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