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The 7 Cheapest Tropical Cruises Leaving From Canada You Can Get Right Now

Well, guys, it looks like winter is definitely here. It's normal if you're already feeling the winter blues... after the holidays, winter is harsh AF.

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And if you're looking to escape winter for a little bit on, say, a big cruise ship, then that's actually a really solid plan. It might seem like all cruises will cost your entire life savings... but no worries, guys. I've hunted for a couple of tropical cruises that might just be within your budget.

Just remember to check websites for each of these deals. Prices might change, and for some there are specific dates you need to book for in order to get the prices listed below.

Montreal - Bermuda - Boston

A photo posted by Alex Pandrea (@a.pandrea) on

Price: $2,099

Granted, this one might be just over the 2k mark, but considering you get to leave from Montreal, check out Bermuda, and then get to go to Boston? Yeah. This is hugely awesome.

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Vancouver - Honolulu

A photo posted by Naillabo Honolulu (@naillabo_hawaii) on

Price: $954

Getting yourself from one gorgeous Canadian spot to one gorgeous Hawaiian spot? All the yesses!

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Vancouver - Valparaiso

A photo posted by Flavia (@flav_00) on

Price: $1,249

This Chilean city is seriously gorgeous, and one of the most perfect spots to cruise to.

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Vancouver - Puerto Vallarta - San Diego

A photo posted by Scott Clayton (@dobbershot) on

Price: $1,999

Could you even think of anything more fun than checking out Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and San Diego?

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Vancouver - Panama Canal - Fort Lauderdale

A photo posted by Viajar e ser feliz (@viajareserfeliz) on

Price: $1,999

Get yourself to the Panama Canal and prepare for one seriously breathtaking sight... and then end up at Fort Lauderdale for some seriously good vibes.

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Vancouver - Los Angeles

A photo posted by Lisa Stuart-Grant (@lisastuartgrant) on

Price: $299

Okay, true, Los Angeles isn't necessarily a "tropical vacation", but it's still beautiful and inexpensive... and full of palm trees!

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Vancouver - Alaska - San Francisco

A photo posted by @jaysnipez on

Price: $749

Again, there's nothing tropical about Alaska, but it's still an incredibly fun and awesome cruise destination. Plus, at the end of the cruise, you go to San Francisco. So it's a win win!

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