The 8 Canadian Cities With The Most Miserable Starts To 2019

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The 8 Canadian Cities With The Most Miserable Starts To 2019

Winter is over but, unfortunately, cold still persists throughout Canada. While spring temperatures have appeared for a few glorious, fleeting moments, the period of seasonal change has yet to come to end. Despite relatively high weekday temperatures, for example, Montreal is set to be hit with yet more snow this weekend. The following week, however, temperatures will be as high as 13 degrees.

Now is also the time to reflect on the brutal winter we have just experienced. Snowfall across the country at times immobilized entire cities and left treacherous roads and sidewalks in their wake. But as The Weather Network reports, some cities definitely have stronger claims to the title of "most miserable beginning to 2019."

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TLDR: According to information from The Weather Network, these 8 Canadian municipalities have had the most snowfall so far in 2019. But many of these places are still accumulating snow, so this ranking is subject to change.

Weather Network reporters put together a bracket that visually ranks Canadian cities and towns according to snowfall. From this fun graphic, we can determine the top 8 snowiest municipalities so far in 2019. Total snowfall measurements come directly from The Weather Network.

1. Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador — 283 cm

2. Ottawa, Ontario —194 cm

3. Montreal, Quebec — 156 cm

4. Toronto, Ontario — 112 cm

As The Weather Network statesin its article title, "Eastern Canada puts the west to shame for this 2019 title." Indeed, there is a big difference between the #4 and #5 spots.

5. Victoria, British Columbia — 70 cm

6. Edmonton, Alberta — 50 cm

7. Calgary, Alberta — 49 cm

8. Vancouver, British Columbia — 31 cm

Total snowfall is usually a good indicator of general misery. Indeed, no matter the subsequent temperatures, snow accumulation tends to damper whatever winter spirit is left between January and March.

Of course, 2019 is not over yet. Unlucky areas of Canada are sure to get an April snowstorm. And again, Montreal is still racking up centimeters of snow.

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This data also only covers snowfall from after December 31st, 2018. Many of these cities began accumulating snow as early as October 2018.

Stay tuned. We probably won't be able to crown a city until the end of April!


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