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The 8 Cheapest Flights To Cuba You Can Get Right Now

Beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, and good vibes.

Guys, who here has been to Cuba? I'm not ashamed to say that I've never been, but I really, really want to go.

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The beaches seem highkey gorgeous, plus it's not super expensive to go. In fact, we found a few round trips from Montreal to Cuba, all for under $700.

But keep in mind that flight deals fluctuate a whole lot, so if you can book during the dates specified for each flight, then maybe jump on the opportunity.

1. Cayo Coco

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An island known for its resorts, Cayo Coco is pretty much a paradise on earth. Protip: get here for the good vibes, stay for the famous flocks of flamingos.

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2. Santa Clara

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A gorgeous city in the exact center of Cuba, Santa Clara has everything you want in a gorgeous vacation destination: history, beautiful sights, and good times.

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3. Holguin

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Beaches, resorts, sand, sun, blue waters... what more could you possibly need?!

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4. Cayo Largo

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This small resort island is incredibly beautiful. White, sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water, and the best vibes ever? Sign me TF up.

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5. Havana

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This is pretty much one of the most historically rich areas in Cuba, so if you're a history buff, you know exactly where you gotta go.

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6. Camaguey

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Fun fact: not only is this spot in Cuba seriously beautiful, but it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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7. Santiago De Cuba

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Gorgeous beaches, gorgeous architecture, and pretty much the best vibes around, what's there not to love about this coastal Cuban city?

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8. Cienfuegos

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Waterfalls, theaters, beaches, castles, lagoons, and more; what more could you possibly want in an awesome vacation spot?

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