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The 8 Cheapest Travel Destinations In France For 2018

Romance, food, wine and more!
The 8 Cheapest Travel Destinations In France For 2018

France is a dream destination for anyone who's never been there. It's probably one of the most popular travel destinations in all of Europe, and for good reason. 

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It's basically the birthplace of gourmet food and culinary genius. Of course, we can't forget their iconic architecture like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and so many more. They're also home to some of the best wineries in the entire world. 

I could honestly go on and on naming all the amazing this about this country but I don't have enough room on this page! Unfortunately, this country can get a little bit expensive for travellers, especially huge popular cities like Paris. 

But there's actually tons of cities and regions in France that are completely affordable for tourists and are just as great for sight-seeing as the rest! 

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8. Bordeaux, France 

via @emilieplk

Cheapest Meal: $12.50

Cheapest Beer: $5

Bordeaux, France is obviously known for it's superior wineries. It also has tons of other great things like designer boutiques, locally run shops, fine food restaurants, and architectural attractions like the Cathedral Saint Andre, Le Grand Theatre, Basilique Saint-Michel and much more!

7. Montpellier, France

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Cheapest Meal: $11

Cheapest Beer: $3.75

This stunning city is set just a little bit inland from the coast of France, making it easily accessible but slightly cheaper than the actual coastal cities. Visit the bustling main square of Place de la Comedie for shops, markets, cafes and great restaurants! You can also visit places like the Old Town, Jardin des Plants, and Musee Fabre.

6. Lyon, France

via @quentin_garel

Cheapest Meal: $12

Cheapest Beer: $4.25

If you're looking for an alternative to Paris to save some money, this is the best city to visit. You can see two beautiful rivers and hills just on the outskirts of the city and an urban city feel on the inside. There's over 1,500 restaurants to choose from and you'll be hard-pressed to have a bad meal at any of them!

You can also visit intact Roman ruins in Fourviere Hill, medieval buildings in Old Town and modern buildings in Presqu'Ile. There's also tons of open-air concerts, festivals and theatre performances here all year long!

5. Nice, France 

via @arccosmargos

Cheapest Meal: $15

Cheapest Beer: $4.50

Yes, this is one of the more expensive destinations in France, but the trick is to go on off-season and then it's way cheaper! It's one of those cities that you really can't pass up when you visit this country so you should spend a little bit more to see it. Visit the infamous French Riviera to swim in the bluest waters you've ever seen, shop at the Cours Selaya Market, and enjoy the Matisse Museum!

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4. Normandy, France

via @living_europe

Cheapest Meal: $12

Cheapest Beer: $4

Normandy is rich in history and stunning scenery making it one of the best places for travellers to visit. You'll see infamous attractions like Mont Saint Michel, the ancient town of Rouen, the charming old harbour in Honfleur, and visit Monet's Garden in Giverny!

3. Marseille, France

via @jeremy_pallares

Cheapest Meal: $10

Cheapest Beer: $4

This port city of France has some amazing thing to offer visitors! You can visit the Old Port of Marseille to see all the beautiful boats floating on the bright blue waters, La Canebiere avenue for merchants and up-scale hotels and the stunning Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde for unreal architecture and beauty!

2. Brittany, France 

via @ericabirken

Cheapest Meal: $12

Cheapest Beer: $4

This region in France holds the capital city of Rennes. You can visit other charming towns like Auray with it's cobble stone streets, Dinan for it's medieval citadelles, Ploumanac'h for it's Pink Granite Coast line, and Saint-Malo for it's stunning beaches!

1. Loire Valley, France

via @18yummuy81

Cheapest Meal: $12

Cheapest Beer: $4

This is one of the smaller cities to visit in France, but it still has tons to offer visitors. You can see the stunning Chartre Cathedral lit up at night, the expansive Chateau de Chambord, and so much more!

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