The 8 Most Maddening, Time-Wasting Montreal Construction Detours

Detours have become the new normal routes.
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The 8 Most Maddening, Time-Wasting Montreal Construction Detours

Montreal construction has been a barrier to easy travel around the city for all of living memory. The web of road projects has made the Montreal commute among the worst on the continent. 

Construction can also be hazardous. Clouds of dust and emergency closures have led to health and safety concerns.

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Detours only make the situation more confusing. Ambiguous or absent signage can send drivers into a fit of rage. Hurried drivers on unfamiliar routes can also cause more accidents and noise pollution. Nonsensical detour routes can multiply commute times and joggle the minds of still sleepy motorists.

Here is a list of the eight most maddening detour routes that all Montreal commuters should avoid:

Route 13: A mess of directions.

To travel north along route 13, drivers have to take A-40 East ("via the service road of A-520 East") and Blvd. Côte-Vertu OR A-40 West and A-13 North (again "via A-520 East") with a U-turn under A-40.

People who have trouble with cardinal directions should avoid this route altogether.

Route 15: Multiple, overlapping detours

Quebec 511 lists nine different detours for route 15. The detours radiate like a web out from the higway. Each with multiple turns, the detours actually overlap in some locations. One simple wrong turn could land you in a completely different detour. The detours could lead drivers into an inescapable series of turns.

Route 20: Go east...then west...then turn around

To head east, one has to take the ramp to R-138 West, then exit 2, make a U-turn, and enter the ramp to R-138 East.

Route 520: The detour within the detour

Because of road work on the westbound half, motorists should "U-turn in the ramps to A-13 South," and follow a "previous" mysterious "detour" for which the website gives no details.

Route 720: The ramp might be open or it might not. Who knows?

The first detour route depends upon the ramp to A-20 West, but also admits that that ramp may be unexpectedly closed?

Rue Saint-Jacques: You figure it out.

The detour for the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce street includes 10 turns and one U-turn in total. There is no indication on the website as to which directions drivers should actually turn.

Rue Côte-Saint-Paul: Turn three times, make a U-turn, and then turn three more times

Southbound travellers need to turn on Rue Saint-Patrick, Rue Cabot, Rue Hadley, make a U-turn, turn onto Rue Saint-Patrick, Blvd. Monk, and, finally, Rue Notre-Dame.

Bus Routes 66 and 166: "Sorry"

Service updates from the STM state simply that, "sorry, but some stops have been cancelled" without detailing which stops exactly have disappeared...

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