8 Street Style Icons You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Get inspired by the best in the game.
8 Street Style Icons You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Street style has been extremely popular in the last few years. With the exponentially growing music scene of hip-hop, street style took a whole new meaning. From iconic fashion heads like Ian Connor to creative directors like Virgil Abloh, the Instagram street style scene is growing tremendously.

Here are 10 fashion gods in the  street style world you need to follow right now :

Ian is an icon in the industry. Also known as "the King of Youth", Connor comes off as trashy to many, but to many he is the bible of street style fashion and a life style god. A man to follow.

Jerry Lorenzo (@jerrylorenz)

Jerry Lorenzo, founder of Fear Of Gods, is incredible at what he does and gets the necessary recognition for it. His brand is doing extremely well right now and we're excited for him to take the front seat he deserves.

Emily Oberg (@emilyelaineoberg)

Emily mixes street style and fitness like nobody. She started working as a blogger at Complex and then quickly rose to fame on Instagram for her beautiful looks, face and aesthetic.

Papa Bear (@thegoodlifemia)

Papa Bear is part of J $tash group commonly known as Relax Rekords. His work is less seen by the public eyes, Stash taking most of the attention for now, but Papa has a lot of trick in his big pockets full of $. Out of all this, he also raps and wears the dopest stuff out there.

Kamilxabbas (@kamilxabbas)

Great friend of the A$AP crew (A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, etc.) , Kamil comes out as a style monster through his Instagram posts and many appearances in the fashion industry's digital productions. On a completely different note, rest in peace A$AP Yams.

Ambitiousade (@ambitiousade)

Ambitiousade understood he had to hang out with the right people to do the right things rather quickly. He's a great friend of Ian, the a$ap crew and Kamilxabbas listed above. Insane eye to fashion.

Virgil Abloh (@virgilabloh)

Virgil, the creative director Kanye West, the genius behind Off-White. A classic in the scene. Look out for him in Montreal this Thursday.

Alleonyia (@allenonyia)

Founder of wanderluste.co, Alleo is a pure fashion god. He's that one guy dressing up NBA players while you just think "Wow this sport celebrity really knows how to dress!"

From Alleonyia's website - "Make room Balmain and Saint Laurent, there's a new designer jean that all the celebs are clamoring for. Find out who's currently wearing jeans by Amiri."

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