The 9 Cheapest Places To Travel In Italy For 2018

Pizza, pasta, culture and more!
The 9 Cheapest Places To Travel In Italy For 2018

The first things that come to mind when you think of Italy are probably pizza, pasta and gelato, right? The country of Italy is the birthplace to some of our most favourite things in the world like these 3 amazing foods. 

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Not only did Italy create some of the best foods in the entire world, but it's also famous for it's gorgeous coast lines with crystal blue water, stunning architecture dating back to the Renaissance and medieval eras, and it's wineries making the freshest and tastiest wines!

Although this destination definitely isn't one of the cheapest in Europe to travel to, it still has some super affordable cities and regions to explore!

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9. Merano, Italy

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Cheapest Meal: $7.65

Cheapest Beer: $4.75

Also called Meran, this Italian town is in northern Italy is definitely one of the best places to visit. They're known for their spa resorts so you'll be sure to get full relaxation while you're here. The city is surrounded by sprawling mountains giving gorgeous views!

8. Ionian Coast, Italy

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Cheapest Meal: $7

Cheapest Beer: $4

This coastline is home to some of the best beaches in all of Italy. You'll find white sandy beaches to lie on, bright crystal blue waters to swim in and a rugged coastline to admire!

7. Bologna, Italy

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Cheapest Meal: $7.75

Cheapest Beer: $4

This lively city in northern Italy is bustling with people, sights and action! The city is full of medieval and Renaissance-era architecture like their huge Piazza Maggiore filled with cafes, restaurants and shops, the Two Towers, the Fountain of Neptune and more!

6. Cinque Terre, Italy

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Cheapest Meal: $8

Cheapest Beer: $5

This is probably the most picturesque town in all of Italy. Located on the coast, you can see the colourful houses contrast perfectly with the crystal blue waters. This was my favourite place when I traveled to Italy just because of how gorgeous it was! It's made out of 5 coastal towns each with it's own unique things to offer travellers.

5. Verona, Italy

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Cheapest Meal: $6.75

Cheapest Beer: $3.50

This old town in northern Italy is famous for being the setting of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliette". They have a huge Roman amphitheatre called the Arena di Verona which hosts massive concerts and opera performances!

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4. Naples, Italy

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Cheapest Meal: $7

Cheapest Beer: $3

Naples is a gorgeous area in southern Italy that has a whole lot to offer visitors. It's sits on the bright blue Bay of Naples with views of the massive Mount Vesuvius, which destroyed the nearby town of Pompeii. You should visit the Royal Palace, the Castel Nuovo and the Naples Cathedral!

3. Florence, Italy

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Cheapest Meal: $7

Cheapest Meal: $4

Florence was definitely one of my all-time favourite cities in all of Italy. It's the capital of the Tuscany region and is home to some beautiful sights like the Florence Cathedral, the Uffizi Gallery, and the Palazzio Vecchio!

2. Turin, Italy

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Cheapest Meal: $7.85

Cheapest Beer: $4

This city in northern Italy is a gorgeous vacation spot for people looking to travel on a budget. You'll have beautiful views of the sprawling Alps, tons of Piazza's filled with shops, cafes and restaurants and an abundance of castles and museums!

1. Ancona, Italy

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Cheapest Meal: $7.75

Cheapest Beer: $4

Ancona, Italy is located on the stunning Adriatic coast! It's known for it's amazing beaches like Passetto beach with it's giant historical structure right on the coast, the amazing Calamo Fountain in the city centre, and so much more!

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