The 9 Richest Self-Made Millionaires In Canada

In recent years, Canada has surpassed the U.S. in the popular imagination as the land of opportunity.

And yet, while the country has its fair share of billionaires, only a small portion of them made their own wealth through savvy opportunities from humble beginnings.

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Among those individuals, there are some incredible stories.

Here are the 9 wealthiest self-starters in Canada alive right now and how they got their starts:

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9. Aldo Bensadoun

Net worth: $2.03 billion

The founder of the famous shoe store chain of the same name got his start with a single, small shop in Montreal.

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8. Marcel Adams

Net worth: $2.05 billion

The billionaire has had an incredible life trajectory. After surviving a Nazi death camp, Adams moved to Québec City where he worked in a small leather shop. He began buying properties while working as a tanner, slowly accumulating the wealth that is now his fortune.

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7. Jack Cowin

Net worth: $2.08 billion

Cowin got his start in the fast-food industry by opening the first KFC franchise in Australia.

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6. Stephen Jarislowsky

Net worth: $2.11 billion

Jarislowky was a U.S. army officer before founding Jarislowsky Fraser, then a small consulting firm.

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5. Stewart Butterfield

Net worth: $2.14 billion

Butterfield founded Flikr and Slack. The then scrappy start-ups are now a major website and software.

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4. Guy Laliberté

Net worth: $2.14 billion

The founder of Cirque du Soleil began as a street performer in Québec City.

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3. Michael Lee-Chin

Net worth: $3.95 billion

Forty years ago, Lee-Chin worked as a bellman on a cruise ship.

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2. Alain Bouchard

Net worth: $4.13 billion

Bouchard began the popular convenience store chain Couch-Tard with a single shop.

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1. James Pattison

Net worth: $6.41 billion

Pattison's wealth can be traced to the selling of a single car. Before that he sold donuts, delivered newspapers, and worked in a cannery.