The "Abandoned Mine" Hidden Near Montreal You Must Visit This Summer

Mines don't usually sound like a place you want to take a road trip to, but when they look like they have just been taken out of the latest fantasy movie it sure does become worth the ride! Plus, when they are hidden and abandoned, it makes for a good summer adventure.

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At Ruggles Mine, located in Grafton New Hampshire, you can see a whole new part of the world that you thought only existed in deep forests, jungles, or even another planet!

Ruggles Mine offers a unique opportunity to relax, find minerals, and just enjoy exploring the unique environment where rock, water and sky all meet. There are multiple hidden areas around the mine where you can crawl into hidden caves,  have a picnic, check out natural phenomena, take pictures, or just sit and enjoy the view. 

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General Information:

Distance: 3 hours away (New Hampshire, USA)

Directions:  Ruggles Mine

Price: FREE!

DISCLAIMER: Now, Ruggles Mine is said to be permanently closed and up for sale, however the tourist attractions has somewhat remained open even though it is closed. This mine is abandoned but easy to access for a great adventure (I mean people have been Instagraming it all summer)

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