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The "All-New" Alfa Romeo Montreal Most Wanted Car Of 2014

A classic made cool again.
The "All-New" Alfa Romeo Montreal Most Wanted Car Of 2014

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A piece of  Montreal's automotive history has been brought back into the present (kinda/sorta) thanks to the website Auto Express, who have named the old school Alfa Romeo Montreal sports car one of their most wanted cars of 2014. Chosen by readers, the Alfa Romeo is now in the running to become the most wanted fantasy car of 2014.

Way back when, during Expo 67's automotive show, the Alfa Romeo Montreal made its first appearance. Originally the car had no name, and spectators just starting calling it "the Montreal," which was kind of uncreative but still pretty fitting, and the name stuck.

The Alfa Romeo evolved from concept to actual production three years later, unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show. Priced at a not very modest £5,000 (about $49,000 today) the car had a sleek design which impressed onlookers, and an engine that could go from 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds. Pricey yes, but still damn cool.

The Alfa Romeo Montreal lasted for seven years, with about 3, 000 cars produced. Not a single one was sold in Montreal, as the car couldn't meet the the city's emission standards, which is a true shame given the car's name. According to Auto Express Alfa Romeo is planning to unveil 8 new car models by 2018, so there is potential for a modern Montreal design, one that could actually hit the streets of the city.

All in the realm of fantasy, it isn't likely that any of Auto Express's most wanted fantasy cars of 2014 will actually be put back into production. Still, it would be nice to know that a car with Montreal in the name takes the top spot. Below are the other cars on the list, and you can vote for the Alfa Romeo Montreal here.

  1. Alfa Romeo Montreal
  2. MGB Roadster
  3. Volvo P1800
  4. Mazda RX-7
  5. Citroen 2CV
  6. 'mini' MINI
  7. Saab 900
  8. Ford Focus RS Cosworth
  9. Lancia Delta Integrale
  10. Ford Capri

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