The AMT Owes You Money And Here's How To Get It

If you have a pass, you'll probably get some cash.
The AMT Owes You Money And Here's How To Get It

Photo cred - Dee West

Way back in the winter of 2009, the AMT had some serious issues, with trains coming really late. Sometimes trains never did. Commuters were so miff'd at the delays, a class-action lawsuit was made, which the AMT lost. Anyone who had an AMT pass during that period of time can get a chunk of the cash settlement, but apparently no one really is, reports CJAD.

In total, 19, 000 commuters can get a cool $49 for free (not counting the frustration of waiting for a super late train) but only a thousand have actually come forward. The settlement totaled to about $1 million, so there is definitely enough to go around.

To get in on this pseudo-money giveaway, all you need to do is sign a statement saying that you had an AMT monthly pass during the months of January & Feburary 2009. You will also have to formally state that you used AMT trains during the week and on rush hour time periods.

A third potential stipulation to receive a part of the settlement is that you actually used the Deux-Montagnes or Vaudreuil-Hudson (then Dorion-Rigaud), the two that experienced the heavy delays, in winter 2009. In all honesty, I'm unsure if you need all three requirements, 2/3, or just one, as the AMT Commuter Train Class Action description is a little unclear on that front.

Either way, if you used the AMT back then, you mine as well fill out the claim form and see how things go. You can do so here.